We write about life in our localities

Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in our localities – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

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Past events

We have experienced something with each of you, or maybe we will in the near future. Some of them went through the whole process of acquiring their housing with us or are just getting ready for it, others met with us at events that we organize for residents of our localities. We have prepared a short report of each of these events for you. See how you were enjoying them.

Upcoming Events Calendar

See what events we are planning for you or we support in the coming days and come and spend the day with us to the fullest!

Unfortunately, we did not find any events.

Unfortunately, we did not find any events.

Places we've visited

We decided to try what kind of lunch you can enjoy in the vicinity of your home, where you can go for a good dinner or just a favourite coffee, dessert or something little stronger. How did it end up? Read it for yourself.

We visited: PEPŘ a SŮL

2. 10. 2020 Restaurace Pepř a Sůl

  • Prague 9
  • Flats Nová Elektra
  • Flats Harfa Park

Prague 9 (Vysocany) is full of amazing restaurants. Nevertheless, the one we liked the most so far is surely Pepr & sul restaurant, located in a very cosy courtyard right in front of the local municipality.

We visited: Yolo Karlín

28. 9. 2020 Yolo bistro

  • Prague 8
  • Karlín
  • Flats U Sluncové

In the Butterfly office complex you will find a number of great bistros and cafes – one of them is also a bistro called YOLO. They offer breakfast, several á la carte dishes (such as a poke bowl, a delicious pad thai or a burger!) and you can...

Geocaching and Open-air Theatre in Šárka

26. 9. 2020 Geocaching a přírodní divadlo Šárka

Do you like countryside, solving puzzles and challenges? Try Geocaching in Divoká Šárka! This weekend we took a trip – interesting and informative in all respects. My girlfriend and brother and I agreed to go for a walk in Divoká Šárka. On our...

We visited: Red Café

24. 9. 2020 Red Café

  • Stodůlky
  • Prague 5

Red Café is a very modern café and bistro, located in Vodafone offices right at the Stodůlky metro station. It is such a great place with a pretty extensive interior and outside seating, and also very friendly and nice staff. They offer breakfast...

We visited: Kafe Pragovka

23. 9. 2020 Kafe Pragovka

  • Prague 9
  • Flats Nová Elektra
  • Flats Harfa Park

Pragovka Kafe is a very extra-ordinary cafe located in the industrial zone Pragovka which is just a few minutes away from Kolbenova metro station.

Jogging: park Divoká Šárka

23. 9. 2020 Běh: park Divoká Šárka

Go Jogging to Šárka. I consider jogging to be the most natural human movement and perhaps the most beautiful one. The human body looks graceful when running, like it is in its element. I also see its beauty in its versatility. Personally, I'm...

Water: park Divoká Šárka

19. 9. 2020 Koupání: park Divoká Šárka

What do I love most at Divoká Šárka? Certainly, its complexity. You can do anything you want there. And water is an essential part of that sports complexity.

We visited: Park Café 67

15. 9. 2020 Park Café 67

Park café 67 – cake shop with family tradition is located not only in Písek in South Bohemia, but also in Barrandov - not far from your homes!

We visited: playground at Britská čtvrť

12. 9. 2020 Hřiště na Britské čtvrti

  • Britská čtvrť
  • Prague 5

If you are looking for a more peaceful place to play in Britská čtvrť, be sure to visit the playground in the courtyard of the northernmost residential development (first stages of the houses). Today, all events are concentrated on the field near...

Cycling: park Divoká Šárka

6. 9. 2020 Cyklistika: park Divoká Šárka

On bikes to Šárka, efficiently and with fun It doesn't matter how many wheels you prefer, you can choose one or four if you want, and you can ride round and round. Riding on a bike path on the waterfront in the centre of Prague is one...