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We believe that purchase of a property can be an important decision for you. Let us present you the reasons why FINEP is the best choice for you out of all other Czech developers.

Why to choose us

  1. Over 25 years on the market - FINEP is a purely Czech company that has created a solid base of top professionals, such as architects, engineers and other professions, throughout its existence. We subsequently make a good use of our long-term experience and translate our expertise into new projects so that they meet the increasing demands of the market.
  2. Building projects throughout Prague – Up to date, we have built more than 13,500 apartments in dozens of successful projects in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our projects are always situated on the finest lands in premium locations near the Metro. The quality of our work has already been awarded twice within the category of residential projects of the prestigious "Best of Realty" contest.
  3. Cooperative construction - An interesting alternative for clients who cannot or do not want to acquire a mortgage for various reasons (e.g. because of insufficient income or age). To purchase a new cooperative apartment, you only need to have 20-25 % of the price (it depends on the project), while the remaining part is paid within a rent.
  4. Project funding - Our clients´ money are safe throughout the entire construction period. Our projects are financed by banks and all project loans are subject to their regular and very strict control. Banks release money gradually according to the completion of individual construction stages and thereby guarantee a proper completion of the entire project, even if not all residential units have been sold yet.
  5. City development - We do not build isolated projects on "greenfield" sites, we rather approach the territory comprehensively. We do not provide our clients "only" with a housing; rather we create them a new home. We solve the overall infrastructure and services nearby. The brand new districts of Západní město and Nové Vysočany serve as good examples.
  6. Everything under one roof - We introduce you to the possibilities of financing and insurance, arrange the sale or lease of existing property, interior architect services and all of the above we will be happy to help our clients for free and at one place - in our FINEP Client Centre.
  7. We have the trust of large multinational companies - Within the City West office buildings project, we built new and modern headquarters of such companies as Siemens, Komerční banka, Vodafone, Bayer, Hyundai and others. Professionalism and quality of our services earned us the prestigious Developer of the Year 2010 award, the Lease of the Year 2012 award for the lease of the company Vodafone building in the CIJ contest and now also the third place in the Best of Realty contest for the building of Komerční banka.
  8. Extended 3-year warranty on all our projects - We are fully aware of the commitment that is represented by a purchase of any property. Therefore, we pay a strong attention to the quality of all our projects, and we do our best to meet our liabilities and to be a reliable partner to our clients even after the completion and acceptance of the apartment. Our customers’ satisfaction is the greatest reward and likewise a challenge in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  9. High-quality furnishings - We place a great emphasis on a high standard of apartment furnishings. Therefore we constantly monitor the latest trends. Clients can choose from a variety of fixtures offering flexible customer modifications. Our customer modification technicians are prepared to help even with the most unusual requirements (of course, if technical standards permit them).
  10. We build up only with the best - We pay a strong attention to the quality of all our projects execution, and we require that from all our suppliers. Our projects are built only by proven and experienced construction companies that are able to meet their obligations. Our partners are, for example, Metrostav, Skanska, Průmstav and others.

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