Realitní služby


Do you need to sell or rent your property? Together with our partner, we offer complete services regarding selling or renting property, from market price estimates, photos, advertising, viewings, and vetting interested persons to the actual sale or rent, including providing all contractual documents. You needn’t worry about a thing; we will take care of it all.

A team of specialists attends to each business case individually. Serious attitude, helpfulness and professionalism are our pride.

When you buy property from us, we help you sell or rent your current property. We offer the following services FREE of charge:

Tržní odhad nemovitosti

Market assessment of the property price

Preparation of an indicative price of your property to be sold or leased at the best possible price. For calculation we use a price map and the database of real estate agencies and the main thing is that the assessment is prepared by specialists with years of experience in the real estate market in Prague and its vicinity.

Photo staging

Photo staging increases the number of people interested to inspect the property by up to 50%. Our interior designers will professionally prepare an interior for taking pictures, advertising and future tours. Your property will be a star among hundreds of other ads on real estate servers.
Právní služby

Legal services

Our Legal Department, which consists of a real estate expert’s team, will individually prepare all the contractual documentation that will be in accord with the agreement of both parties.
Finanční služby

Financial services

Easy and fast mortgage. The most advantageous one and with the lowest interest rate for you. You do not have to deal with any paperwork – we will save your time and money.
Prohlídky a prověření

Tours of the property and vetting of interested clients

No worries about phone calls and inquiries from interested clients. Everything, including tours of the property, is taken care of. The clients interested in purchase or lease are vetted using the database and insolvency and execution registers.
Prezentace nemovitosti

Property presentation

Taking professional pictures of your property, providing video tours, putting an advertising banner on your property, and publishing the ad on the greatest real estate portals. The ad will be also regularly moved up to the top.

Make an appointment with Finep and we will explain you everything in detail. We are here for you!