Walk to Prokopské údolí

You can reach Prokopské údolí (Prokop Valley) on foot in just 15 minutes from your house. It is one of the most attractive nature parks in Prague which includes a specially protected nature reserve.

At the present time, there are hiking trails, climbing sites and famous movie sites on the former seabed.

Prokopský potok, a stream winding through the Prokop Valley, will accompany you with beautiful scenery among high rocks and forests. This place will literally make you forget about everyday worries and draw your attention to itself.




Just 12 minutes by tram to the heart of Smíchov

You have several options how to get from Barrandov to the city center. The most common is to get on the tram and in 12 minutes get off at the Nádraží Smíchov metro station.

Another option is to use one of the bus lines. Thus, you can easily get to the metro station B Zličín or C Kačerov. And for example thanks to direct connection to the Prague ring road you can reach Vaclav Havel Airport within 15 minutes.

Barrandov, a location for quality living

Barrandov is one of the youngest districts of Prague. Despite this, it has a varied history associated mainly with the period of the First Republic.

Under the baton of Ing. Václav Havel, a completely new development inspired by American California was built on the plateau of the left bank of the Vltava River. The place has become a home to well-known film studios attracting important movie personalities from all over the world.

Today, Barrandov is an excellent urban living location, offering rich civic amenities and a well-developed transport infrastructure on one hand, and places for relaxation and leisure on the other.

The project also includes a new square with services and shops. Here, you can find, for example, doctors, fitness centers, a nursery school, and a nail studio.

Explore Living at Barrandov

We would like to invite you to the unique locality of Barrandov. The diversity of this area and the coziness of the living spaces are an integral part of everyday life here.

We will show you not only the interior of the apartment but also its surroundings, which offer a variety of activities and services. From picturesque parks and sports facilities to excellent transport connections and civic amenities.

We will help you to choose an apartment

Do you need help? Contact us, we are here for you.


Magazine from Barrandov

Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in Barrandov– you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

Upcoming Events Calendar

See what events we are planning for you or we support in the coming days and come and spend the day with us to the fullest!


26. 7. 2024 Chuchle Arena Praha, Radotínská 69/34

  • Flats Kaskády Barrandov
  • Barrandov

Come and enjoy AMATEUR JUMP TOUR 2024 filled with fun and joy for the whole family!

Summer Street Food Festival

28. 7. 2024 Praha, Smíchovská náplavka

  • Prague 5
  • Barrandov

Come to Smíchovská náplavka on Sunday, July 28th to taste the best of world street food.

Summer Street Food Festival

4. 8. 2024 Praha, Smíchovská náplavka

  • Prague 5
  • Barrandov

Taste the best of world street food on Sunday, August 4th at Smíchovská náplavka.

Play by Tomáš Loužný and Site-Specific Production by MeetFactory Theatre: Ecstasy

12. 8. 2024 Barrandov Terraces Pool

  • Prague 5
  • Barrandov

Site-Specific Production by MeetFactory Theatre

Places we´ve visited

We decided to try what kind of lunch you can enjoy in the vicinity of your home, where you can go for a good dinner or just a favourite coffee, dessert or something little stronger. How did it end up? Read it for yourself.

We visited: Kavárna Kristian

13. 12. 2023 Kavárna Kristian

  • Prague 5
  • Flats Kaskády Barrandov

Cafe Kristian is a cosy cafe that you will find only a 15-minute walk from your home. The place offers delicious cakes and coffee, as well as a regular menu including both main dishes and soups, small evening snacks, which you can complement with...

We visited: Nippan Bakery

23. 11. 2023 Nippan bakery

  • Prague 5
  • Flats Kaskády Barrandov

Nippan bakery is an original Japanese bakery, located just 10 minutes walk from your residence. Here you can enjoy not only the famous Japanese matcha latte, but also unusual pastries, breads, sweet and savoury Japanese pastries and a selection...

We visited: Coffee room

5. 5. 2023 Coffee room

  • Prague 5
  • Flats Kaskády Barrandov

Coffee Room is one of the most popular cafés in Vinohrady district. It is therefore absolutely great news that they have decided to open a branch in Barrandov in May 2023!

We visited: Restaurace Kamera

24. 2. 2023 Restaurace Kamera

  • Prague 5
  • Flats Kaskády Barrandov
  • Barrandov

Do you like traditional Czech cuisine? Then you must definitely visit the Kamera restaurant, which is located just a 20-minute walk from your home. Kamera is renowned for its modern Czech gastronomy - from traditional dumplings and sauces to...

Project construction progress

  • Kaskády Barrandov XIII

    • construction completed