Comfortable life and a good investment

Harfa Park is a place offering modern city living, where you have all the services at your fingertips.

Do you need to make shopping? Are you looking for a good café or restaurant? Everything is available there and you can choose from a number of offers. Schools, kindergartens, health care, all within easy reach. A multifunctional arena, two large shopping centres within a walking distance or a swimming pool with sea water.

Harfa Park is an ideal place for safe and comfortable family life, as well as for those who want to enjoy city life, knowing that buying an apartment is a very profitable investment.

Welcome to a city where everything is close

Enjoy the city where everything is within easy reach – bus, tram and train stops are around the corner and you are within ten minutes by underground in the centre of the hundred-spired Prague.

If you want to escape out of the city and clear your head outside the metropolis, you can do it in a few minutes thanks to several backbone roads. If you like cycling, you will certainly take a fancy to use the A26 cycle path, which you have right behind the house. It will take you comfortably to the centre of Prague.

Go for a walk to the Rokytka Nature Park

Even though you live in a wide city centre, you have countryside within easy reach.

Just take your bike, inline skates, or sports shoes and in no time you can be in a park, relax along Rokytka River or at the pond Hořejší rybník. For the little ones, there is the newly built Podkovářská city park, which has been opened in 2018. In addition to the playground, it is equipped with many benches and refreshment shops.

If you go to the nearby Rokytka Park with children, you will appreciate the beautiful playground called Park Zahrádky. You will find generous play and sports elements and structures for small and older children, including the popular and loved water slide. Even adults will have a good time there. They can enjoy the Rokytka fitness meadow with amazing exercise aids in The Flintstones series style in the park.

The beautifully conceived landscape architecture of the park then directly invites to walks among mature trees along the river or around the lake. Sports lovers will appreciate the connection to the cycle path of Vysočany, which is a paradise for runners and cyclists of all ages.

Residential location offering fun and relaxation

Formerly – the pulsating heart of heavy industry in Prague. Today – a quiet place by Rokytka River in the middle of the still developing Vysočany city district.

This residential location offers fun and relaxation. You can relax in Podkovářská Park or by the bike path along Rokytka River.

20 years ago, it was an industrial place. Today it is a quiet location for comfortable city living with all-embracing city infrastructure and services in its immediate vicinity. A location where you not only live, but also become a proud inhabitant of Vysočany city district.

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Magazine from Harfa Park

Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in Harfa Park – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

Places we´ve visited

We give you an overview of places where you can enjoy a tasty lunch, go out for a nice dinner or perhaps just grab your favourite coffee, snack, or maybe something stronger.

What’s the plan for today?

We visited: RestaurantYou & Me

21. 11. 2020 You & Me

  • Hloubětín
  • Vysočany

The Asian restaurant You & Me offers a wide range of Asian dishes - from Thai spicy soups, pad thai and curry to Vietnamese bun bo nam bo, summer rolls, pho bo or Japanese sushi.

We visited: Ala coffee

15. 11. 2020 Ala coffee

  • Hloubětín
  • Prague 9
  • Vysočany

Ala coffee isn’t only a café, but mainly a family coffee roastery and a shop with coffee and other things, such as chocolate.

We visited: PEPŘ a SŮL

2. 10. 2020 Restaurace Pepř a Sůl

  • Prague 9

Prague 9 (Vysocany) is full of amazing restaurants. Nevertheless, the one we liked the most so far is surely Pepr & sul restaurant, located in a very cosy courtyard right in front of the local municipality.

We visited: Kafe Pragovka

23. 9. 2020 Kafe Pragovka

  • Flats Harfa Park
  • Flats Nová Elektra
  • Prague 9

Pragovka Kafe is a very extra-ordinary cafe located in the industrial zone Pragovka which is just a few minutes away from Kolbenova metro station.

We visited: Pizzeria Coloseum

12. 8. 2020 Coloseum

  • Flats Harfa Park
  • Flats Nová Elektra
  • Prague 9

Pizzeria Colosem is a great Italian restaurant which currently possesses 7 branches in Prague. One is also located in Prague 9, directly at Vysocanska metro & tram stop. The restaurant is focused on delivering delicious Italian cuisine.

We visited: Restaurant Violete

23. 3. 2020 Restaurace Violete

  • Flats Harfa Park
  • Flats Nová Elektra
  • Prague 9

You do not need to go to the centre of Prague to find a good restaurant - there are plenty of them in Prague 9, quite close to the Finep rezidence Nová Elektra in Hloubětín! We are talking about pizzeria Violete.

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