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We are purely Czech developer

We are a purely Czech company with responsible and ethical approach to clients. Tens of thousands of satisfied clients of our real estate agency have experienced the quality of our services, professionalism and willingness. As a market leader in Prague, we provide our clients with innovative and modern real estate services. Thousands of new apartments sold; a number of prestigious awards and the widest range of services in the market.

Everything we do, we do in order to give them good quality of services and a quality product at a fair price.

You can rely on us. We keep our word. We adhere to laws. A handshake is more than a contract for us.


Client's reviews


It has now been a month since we have moved into our new apartment from FINEP. We are very satisfied with this apartment, and we would like to say our thanks to You again for the excellent attitude and help that we received from you when making our “dream” a reality. During the past two years, from our first meeting to signing financial contracts and receiving our apartment, every meeting with You was very pleasant and constructive. Truly great and professional work.

Petr a Petra P

Dear sincere directress,

Please allow me, as a client of Finep, to send my many thanks to You for the excellent collaboration with Mr Studihrad. From initiating the Stodůlky project and Britská čtvrť IV, where I picked my apartment, he repeatedly reached out to me, was always available and tried to satisfy all my requirements without delay. I am also very satisfied with Mr Kurz’s services in the field of client changes. I really appreciate, and can be rightfully proud of the fact that Finep has such professionals. I know very well myself, that negative reviews always come through to right places, unlike from the positive ones, which are taken for granted. The work which Your employees do is not any ordinary, it is above the standards, which contributes to the good name of Your company.

Dagmar Š.


Yesterday I was at the viewing of an apartment and I was satisfied. Firstly, by the construction itself, but I also have to praise Your colleagues. Mr Blažek’s attainment was great yesterday, as well as his and Ms Kroupova’s communication.

My biggest commends go to Petra Žáčková. Right from the start, her attitude and negotiations were excellent. She is very knowledgeable and orientates herself well in a problematic situation. I know that this is her job, however many times people come across unwillingness. When I had the chance to pick out something, since I am not really experienced in buying apartments, she always gave me the right advice. That is also why I bought an apartment, and now I am buying a second one, again through the services of Ms Petra. A person can call her outside of working hours, since I also have work and I am often preoccupied, and she has never rejected me and has always given me her advice.

Milan D.


I would like to send my thanks to Your three colleagues, namely to:

I would like to send my thanks to Your three colleagues, namely to: Mr Horký, Mr Kurz and Mr Ing. Šimandl, for their truly perfect pro-client attitude to their customers. When dealing with Your company, I do not have the feeling that I am dealing with the company, however directly with the owner, for who client satisfaction really matters. I bought two apartments from Your company, and now I am about to rent three commercial spaces. I am certainly counting on purchasing more property in the future, as an investment.

Petr Š.

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