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Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in Britská čtvrť – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.


Past events

Recall all the fun you had at past events.

Places we've visited

We give you an overview of places where you can enjoy a tasty lunch, go out for a nice dinner or perhaps just grab your favourite coffee, snack, or maybe something stronger.
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We visited: Kafe Pragovka

23. 9. 2020 Kafe Pragovka

  • Prague 9

Pragovka Kafe is a very extra-ordinary cafe located in the industrial zone Pragovka which is just a few minutes away from Kolbenova metro station.

We visited: Park Café 67

15. 9. 2020 Park Café 67

  • Prague 5

Park café 67 – cake shop with family tradition is located not only in Písek in South Bohemia, but also in Barrandov - not far from your homes!

We visited: playground at Britská čtvrť

12. 9. 2020 hřiště na Britské čtvrti

  • Prague 5
  • Britská čtvrť

If you are looking for a more peaceful place to play in Britská čtvrť, be sure to visit the playground in the courtyard of the northernmost residential development (first stages of the houses). Today, all events are concentrated on the field near...

We visited: park Divoká Šárka

5. 9. 2020 Divoká Šárka - lezení

  • Prague 6

Doing Sports in Divoká Šárka? More extreme than you would expect… Divoká Šárka, a nature reserve, is unique in itself for its natural beauty. And given its location close to the city centre, it becomes, especially for the inhabitants of Prague...

We visited: Restaurant Cik Cak

4. 9. 2020 Restaurace Cik Cak

  • Prague 5

Probably the best restaurant in Barrandov is the restaurant Cik Cak. Modern, stylish restaurant offering international cuisine – Asian specialties, burgers, steaks, salads, tortillas or quesadillas and more! Both meat lovers and vegetarians will...

We visited: Ca Phe

25. 8. 2020 Ca Phe

  • Prague 7

If you like Vietnamese cuisine, then you should definitely visit bistro & cafe Ca Phe.

We visited: Bistro Polévkárna

22. 8. 2020 Polévkárna

  • Prague 8

Polévkárna bistro located on Sokolovská street is such a great place to get a quick lunch during the week. You will always find a few soups on the menu, from the broth to the creamy ones.

We visited: Vintroblock

19. 8. 2020 Vnitroblock

  • Prague 7

Vnitroblock je zcela unikátním místem nacházejícím se mezi ulicemi Tusarova a Dělnická. Jedná se o rozsáhlé prostory, do kterých můžete zajít nejen na skvělou kávu, brunch nebo kousek dobrého koláče a dortu, ale i se jen tak pobavit s přáteli...

We visited: La Zmrzka

18. 8. 2020 La Zmrzka

  • Prague 5

La Zmrzka se řadí k jedněm z nejlepších zmrzlináren v Praze vůbec a vy máte to štěstí bydlet pouze pár kroků daleko!

We visited: playground at Barrandov

15. 8. 2020 Dětské hřiště na Barrandově

  • Barrandov

An interesting feature of the Barrandov playground is its division into two parts. Although the reasons are probably entirely practical (the playground is crossed by a path leading to one of the houses), I found the division at least interesting.

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