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Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in our localities – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

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Past events

We have experienced something with each of you, or maybe we will in the near future. Some of them went through the whole process of acquiring their housing with us or are just getting ready for it, others met with us at events that we organize for residents of our localities. We have prepared a short report of each of these events for you. See how you were enjoying them.

Upcoming Events Calendar

See what events we are planning for you or we support in the coming days and come and spend the day with us to the fullest!

Unfortunately, we did not find any events.

Unfortunately, we did not find any events.

Places we've visited

We decided to try what kind of lunch you can enjoy in the vicinity of your home, where you can go for a good dinner or just a favourite coffee, dessert or something little stronger. How did it end up? Read it for yourself.

We visited: Petit Barrandov

20. 10. 2021 Cafe Petit Barrandov

  • Prague 5
  • Barrandov

Everyone would like to have a café like Petit Barrandov near their home. A calm and pleasant environment with friendly service, sunny and full of the smell of fresh coffee and sweet treats.

We visited: Haru Sushi

21. 7. 2021 Haru Sushi

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka

Haru sushi je skvělá asijská restaurace, nabízející nejen výborné sushi, ale i jiné asijské pokrmy.

We visited: Restaurant Štěrba

10. 7. 2021 Restaurace Štěrba

  • Štěrboholy
  • Malý háj

Restaurant Štěrba is an ideal place for a family lunch, especially for all lovers of traditional and modern Czech cuisine. In addition to the traditional Czech dishes, however, it also offers burgers, fish and pasta and salads.

We visited: TRIO Malý háj

6. 7. 2021 TRIO Malý háj

  • Malý háj

Delicious coffee, a wide selection of desserts and small savory snacks. Kids’ corner + a wide range of music and movement activities for children and adults.

We visited: Espressone

23. 6. 2021 Espressoone

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka

Are you a coffee lover? Then you should definitely go to Espressone café, which you can find just a short walk from your home in Pergamenka – the café is located in Business Park Classic 7 in Jankovcova Street!

We visited: Tiffnis by Nebu

24. 5. 2021 Tiffins by Nebu

  • Stodůlky
  • Prague 5
  • Britská čtvrť

Great news for all Indian cuisine lovers! Restaurant Nebu from Nebušice have just opened a branch next to Makro in Stodůlky, just a short walk from your home. Nebu prepares dishes from various parts of India and prides itself on its modern concept.

We visited: VELTLÍN winery

23. 1. 2021 Veltlin

Veltlin winery is such an authentic place located at the heart of Karlin, offering delicious natural wines from the former Habsburg monarchy territory. The winery does not have a regular wine menu, they only have a seasonal one full of tasty...

We visited: Ugo Salaterii

14. 1. 2021 Ugo salatérie

Do you enjoy smoothies and vegetable or fruit freshes? Then you probably already know Ugo salad bar which is nowadays located in many places in Prague. One of those places is Karlin, directly at the Krizikova metro stop. They offer delicious...

We visited: Avion Street Café

9. 1. 2021 Avion Street Café

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Avion Street Café is such a cosy café located at the corner of Komunardu & U Mestanskeho pivovaru streets.

We visited: WOKER Bistro

6. 1. 2021 Woker bistro

Woker bistro is an Asian restaurant located close to the tram stop Urxova. They offer a delicious Asian cuisine in the form of sushi, daily as well as the regular menu. Personally, we only tried their sushi which was delicious. Nevertheless, we...

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