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Our magazine is full of information about life in our localities – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

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We visited: Avion Street Café

9. 1. 2021 Avion Street Café

Avion Street Café is such a cosy café located at the corner of Komunardu & U Mestanskeho pivovaru streets.

We visited: Café Frida

22. 12. 2020 Café Frida

  • Karlín

Coffee, desserts, authentic Mexican cuisine, breakfast or beer from Únětice brewery – all of this can be found in Café Frida in Karlín, named by famous artist Frida Kahlo.

We visited: Loft espresso bar

19. 12. 2020 Loft

  • Karlín

Attention please, all coffee lovers: there is a perfect espresso bar serving specialty coffee only 15 minutes’ walk from your homes – Loft!

We visited: Banh mi ba

15. 12. 2020 Banh mi ba

  • Karlín

Perfect bistro for all Asian cuisine lovers, that is Banh Mi Ba! You can find it on five places all over Prague – one of them being close to your homes in Karlín!

We visited: restaurant Sanduga

4. 12. 2020 Sanduga

  • Karlín

Sanduga is an Asian restaurant located right on the Karlin square. It is a high-class restaurant with a beautiful interior as well as outside seating.

We visited: Ngo restaurant

2. 12. 2020 Ngo restaurant

  • Karlín

If you are searching for a restaurant serving delicious south-Asian cuisine, then you should definitely stop by Ngô restaurant located on the Karlin square.

We visited: Home Kitchen

26. 11. 2020 Home Kitchen

If you have lived in Holesovice for some time now, then you would already know Home Kitchen bistro. This bistro was established with the idea of connecting a restaurant/bistro set up with the one of „home“ kitchen, where the customers will simply...

We visited: Kafe Karlín

23. 11. 2020 Kafe Karlín

  • Karlín

„Before heading off to work, stop by for a coffee“! A great slogan which truly captures the vibe of Kafe Karlín café.

We visited: RestaurantYou & Me

21. 11. 2020 You & Me

  • Hloubětín
  • Vysočany

The Asian restaurant You & Me offers a wide range of Asian dishes - from Thai spicy soups, pad thai and curry to Vietnamese bun bo nam bo, summer rolls, pho bo or Japanese sushi.

We visited: Ala coffee

15. 11. 2020 Ala coffee

  • Hloubětín
  • Prague 9
  • Vysočany

Ala coffee isn’t only a café, but mainly a family coffee roastery and a shop with coffee and other things, such as chocolate.

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