We write about life in our localities

Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in our localities – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

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Past events

We have experienced something with each of you, or maybe we will in the near future. Some of them went through the whole process of acquiring their housing with us or are just getting ready for it, others met with us at events that we organize for residents of our localities. We have prepared a short report of each of these events for you. See how you were enjoying them.

Upcoming Events Calendar

See what events we are planning for you or we support in the coming days and come and spend the day with us to the fullest!

Running with FINEP in the Britská čtvrť

29. 5. 2024 Meeting point: Bistro Britská, Medunova 2947/1

  • Pořádá FINEP
  • Britská čtvrť

We have invited enthusiastic running experts Michal Vítů and Simona Pancíř Švarcová to guide you through this year's running season. Expect comprehensive training sessions including stretching and compensatory exercises.

Běhatlon Dolní Měcholupy 2024

8. 9. 2024 Dolní Měcholupy

  • Štěrboholy
  • Pořádá FINEP
  • Byty Malý háj

Ladies and gentlemen, running enthusiasts, attention! We have the dates for this year's running series.

Places we've visited

We decided to try what kind of lunch you can enjoy in the vicinity of your home, where you can go for a good dinner or just a favourite coffee, dessert or something little stronger. How did it end up? Read it for yourself.

We visited: Kavárna Kristian

13. 12. 2023 Kavárna Kristian

Cafe Kristian is a cosy cafe that you will find only a 15-minute walk from your home. The place offers delicious cakes and coffee, as well as a regular menu including both main dishes and soups, small evening snacks, which you can complement with...

We visited: Nippan Bakery

23. 11. 2023 Nippan bakery

Nippan bakery is an original Japanese bakery, located just 10 minutes walk from your residence. Here you can enjoy not only the famous Japanese matcha latte, but also unusual pastries, breads, sweet and savoury Japanese pastries and a selection...

We visited: Pec nám spadla

20. 9. 2023 Pec nám spadla

If you are looking for a café and bakery with excellent sweet and savoury bread and pastry as well as excellent coffee, then you simply must try Pec nám spadla.

We visited: VEGEt Cowork bistro

1. 9. 2023 VEGEt Cowork

  • Stodůlky
  • Prague 5
  • Britská čtvrť

Did you know that just a few steps away from your homes, there is the first vegan canteen in Europe? It is an unique coworking concept that you can find in the Komerční Banka building right next to the metro station.

We visited: Kafe Stánek

21. 7. 2023 Kafe stánek

  • Kralupy nad Vltavou
  • Kralupy - Residence u Vltavy

Great coffee, just a stone's throw away from Residence U Vltavy – the cozy Kafe Stánek café at Kralupské nádraží offers Nordbeans specialty coffee. It's a perfect place to pass the time while waiting for a train, enjoy a coffee to go, or have a...

We visited: My coffee story

22. 5. 2023 Ještě jednou – My Coffee Story

  • Prague 9
  • Flats Harfa Park

The Žižkov café My Coffee Story recently opened its second branch in Vysočany, a few steps from the newly renovated train station.

We visited: Banh-mi-ba

13. 5. 2023 Banh-mi-ba - Harfa

  • Prague 9
  • Flats Harfa Park

Banh-mi-ba is a chain of Vietnamese fast-casual restaurants. You can order delicious Vietnamese food - from traditional baguettes to classic bun-cha or bun-bo-nam-bo - quickly and comfortably. Aside from the great food, the bistro also offers...

We visited: Yumi Time

12. 5. 2023 Yumi Time

  • Stodůlky
  • Prague 5
  • Britská čtvrť

Yumi Time is the ideal place for all Asian cuisine lovers. The bistro has a wide range of popular specialties such as pho bo, bun bo nam bo or pad thai.

We visited: Coffee room

5. 5. 2023 Coffee room

Coffee Room is one of the most popular cafés in Vinohrady district. It is therefore absolutely great news that they have decided to open a branch in Barrandov in May 2023!

We visited:Cinnabon

18. 4. 2023 Cinnabon

  • Prague 9
  • Flats Harfa Park

Cinnabon Cafe and Bakery is the right place for all of you who, like us, love cinnamon rolls. At Cinnabon, you'll find all kinds of cinnamon rolls - from the classic ones to specialty ones with pecans or chocolate.