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Our magazine is full of information about life in Britská čtvrť – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.


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We visited: Cafe Letohrádek

22. 6. 2020

  • Prague 6
  • Ruzyně

Letohrádek cafe is located in the Hvězda dormitory right next to the castle, as the name of the cafe suggests. You can combine a visit to the cafe with a pleasant walk through the park or a visit of the castle – it is also an ideal place to sit...

We visited: Café Parlor

11. 6. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Parlor café is in our opinion one of the must go places in Karlín. Although its location is quite far from your residence, it is surely worth visiting. Moreover, a very enjoyable walk through Karlín streets will make you quite hungry which you...

We visited: Restauant Podolka

3. 6. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Karlín and Podolí! Podolka is suitable for vegetarians, glutenfree dieters as well as meat lovers! We even dare to say that this is one of the best restaurants for individuals with a gluten-free diet, which can be found in Prague. We recommend to...

We visited: Barry Higgel's Coffeehouse

29. 5. 2020

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka
  • Prague 9

Barry Higgel’s coffeehouse is a cosy little café in Tusarova street in Holešovice. Very nice staff, exquisite coffee of all types, great breakfast offer and very good prices. Every visit is a pleasure.

We visited: Yam Yam

26. 5. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

In case that you consider yourself an Asian cuisine lover you’ve probably already heard of Yam Yam restaurant. Yam Yam is known mainly for their perfect curry, noodles and soups – if you’re a fan of spicy food you’ll definitely love it (but no...

We visited: Bistro Bartga

21. 5. 2020

  • Prague 5
  • Stodůlky

Bistro is such an ideal place to get just a small piece of pizza to go as well as for a proper family dinner. The bistro consists of two floors - the upper one works as the takeaway bistro, while the lower is quite calm and extensive, with many...

We visited: Můj šálek kávy

18. 5. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Muj salek kavy is a very famous cafe in the centre of Karlin. This place is well known especially for its high quality delicious coffee Double shot.

We visited: Bistro Twenty7

26. 4. 2020

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Bistro Twenty7 is another amazing bistro located in Holešovice and just 10 minutes far away from your home. You can visit this place anytime and you will always find here something good for you!

We visited: Bistro Lovely Day

24. 3. 2020

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Bistro Lovely Day is, as the name suggests, a very lovely small bistro with a totally breathtaking interior. This bright bistro truly can impress anyone – moreover you can also enjoy sitting at the tables outside in the summer months.

We visited: Restaurant Violete

23. 3. 2020

  • Flats Nová Elektra
  • Hloubětín
  • Prague 9

You do not need to go to the centre of Prague to find a good restaurant - there are plenty of them in Prague 9, quite close to the Finep rezidence Nová Elektra in Hloubětín! We are talking about pizzeria Violete.

We visited: Restaurant Salut

11. 3. 2020

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka
  • Prague 9

If you are passing by not so nice Holešovice railway station, then you can try to brighten up your journey by the visit of the Salut restaurant. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Absolutum hotel, which is only a few steps walking...

We visited: Spojka Karlín

2. 3. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Spojka restaurant in Karlín is a great addition to the restaurants in Prague 8. This place was opened quite recently but thanks to its outstanding philosophy (“Food connects us”), delicious food made of high quality ingredients, amazing interior...

We visited: Bistro Proti Proudu

28. 2. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Another great place in Karlín is definitely Bistro Proti Proudu. Although it is not a café but a bistro, it can be proud of its truly delicious coffee. Well, when you get a coffee, it is a good idea to get something sweet on the side. The bistro...

We visited: Restaurant Kolkovna

26. 2. 2020

  • RD Britská čtvrť
  • Stodůlky

The restaurants are mostly located in the centre of Prague; however, you can find one in Stodůlky as well which is only a few steps from your home. Their Czech cuisine is really worth trying – you can try their delicious „svíčková“ or properly...

We visited: café Etapa

24. 2. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

If you are looking for a cosy café right at the heart of Karlín, then the newly opened Etapa café is the right place for you! Already when you step in the café, you will be amazed by its warm interior, full of room plants and flowers. We chose to...

We visited: Street PHO

11. 2. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

StreetPho is a Vietnamese bistro right in the heart of Karlín – you can try not only the classic Vietnamese dishes such as Pho soup, noodle salad Bun Bo Nam Bo, Nem Cuon rolls or Banh Mi baguettes, but also for example a special Asian burger or...

We visited: Diego Pivní bar

4. 2. 2020

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Ideal place for all beer lovers – why? Because they have six beers on tap in the Diego beer bar in Karlín! They rotate the types of beers served, so you can basically try a new one on every visit.

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