We support

Benefit Sports Day of the SK Dolní Měcholupy Committee

The Sports Club Dolní Měcholupy, which our company has repeatedly supported, organized a benefit sports day on June 15, 2024.

With our support, football players enjoyed great games, and fans could revel in the fantastic atmosphere.

The sports day also raised an amount of 190,000 CZK, which was subsequently distributed to help three other organizations (Run and Help Shelters, AutTalk - Kateřina Sokolová's Foundation, Czechoslovak Rehabilitation Society of Dr. Vojta).

Cheerleaders succeeded at the World Championship

The Prague club Joint New Spirit Cheerleaders, which our company has been supporting long-term, achieved a significant success at the World Championship organized by the International Cheerleading Association IASF in Florida. In competition with 248 clubs from around the world, the team placed 7th in the International Open Global L6 category.

JNS Cheerleaders have shown that they can compete with the world's top teams, and their success is proof of their determination and hard work. Congratulations and thank you for the excellent representation of Czech cheerleading.

We support the Dolní Měcholupy 2024 biathlon

It's time to start training! Just like last year, this year you will have the opportunity to participate in cross-country races. The points obtained will be added up and the first three places of all categories will be announced again in December.

More information and links to registration can always be found before the given race on the website of the Municipality of Dolní Měcholupy, on mobile radio and social networks.

HC KERT hockey players won the Czech Cup

The HC KERT Park Prague hockey club, which has been a long-term supporter of FINEP, recently won the finals of the Czech Hockey Ball Cup for 2024. In an exciting match, they defeated the current leader of the Crossdock Extraliga table with a score of 6:1 and won this prestigious competition.

KERT Park found an effective tactic against the team from Hostivar already in the opening third of the match. The decisive lead was built up by the Luzhniki players in just two minutes, in which they scored three times. Despite the efforts of the opponent, who tried to reduce the lead in the second period, Kert Park maintained its superiority. The third period then definitively confirmed the victory of KERT Park.

We congratulate the team on their third ever triumph in the Czech Cup and wish them further success in future matches.

We support young twirling dancers

T. J. Sokol Vysočany sports club supports  the Czech Twirling School, where young and highly skilled athletes can build on their passion and showcase their talents.

Last year these enthusiastic twirling dancers took part at the Czech Republic Championship, achieving good positions and a first place.

This spring they will participate at the European Championship – so fingers crossed!

Kite festival “Drakiáda” 2023 at Prague 11 central park

On October 14, the YMCA, with our support, organized kite festival “Drakiáda” at Chodov central park near metro station. Despite the unfavourable weather, many parents and children with kites came to enjoy fun in the fresh air.

Czech Republic Men's and Women's Judo Championship 2023

On October 14, 2023, we also supported the Czech Republic Men's and Women's Judo Championship. The national championship returned to Prague after 18 years, with 156 competitors at the Jedenátka sports hall in Chodov. It was the fifth judo tournament here in the last two years, and our support ensured its success – as appreciated by Prague Judo Association president, Erik Hlaváček.


We support youth baseball

FINEP supports the Kotlářka youth baseball team at the most successful baseball club in Prague.

Sports activities in our locations

In the vicinity of Malý háj, we support a traditional sports club as well as sports activities generally not only for our inhabitants, but also for all neighbours from the nearest city districts. This year, the sports club celebrated 100 years since its founding.

In addition to supporting this anniversary, we also support the sports club with a complete set of shirts, which we will ceremonially hand over during the summer, so that everything is ready in time for the new season.

For more information about the club please see their website.

War in Ukraine: We focus our aid on children

Dobrá rodina o.p.s. – our long-time partner organisation – has managed to bring the first group of Ukrainian children without parents to safety in the Czech Republic from the war zone.

Our company, FINEP, has been working hard, along with Dobrá rodina, to help this group of children, and we are very pleased that we have succeeded in putting pressure on a systemic solution to the problem.

Within the framework of FINEP, we have decided to grant 3 million CZK in the first wave to support the operation. And we are ready to continue to support the cause. At the same time, we would like to thank TV NOVA, which helped financially with the transport. We would also like to thank the Prague City Hall for providing the recreational facility. The Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, His Excellency Yevhen Perebyinis, also provided enormous help to all of us in our dealings with the authorities in Ukraine.

Příjezd dětí z Ukrajiny

FINEP supports youth football in Prague

As a part of our sponsorship support in the recent years, FINEP has provided 77 teams from 1st to 3rd class of the Prague championship in age groups from mite teams up to adolescents with sets of LEGEA jerseys.

Our partner – the jerseys supplying company Belsport - is offering all customers a 20% discount from retail prices on all its goods offered - more info at www.belsport.cz

FINEP supported young judokas

At the beginning of October, FINEP supported the regional Prague Championship of younger pupils and older pupils and the first round of the Little League of A Group.

It was one of the biggest highlights for the young judo fighters of Prague.

The whole event took place in the Prague’s Jedenáctka sports hall in Chodov, where younger and older pupils competed to become the champions of Prague.

Go ahead and watch a short clip summarizing the most interesting moments of this year’s Prague Advent Cup 2021. Prague Advent Cup - Aftermovie - YouTube.

Finep supports the art of UMPRUM

As part of further support for artists, we have been providing the premises on Poděbradská Street in Prague 9 Hloubětín for two years in a row. An exhibition of final examination works by the students of the Liberal Arts of UMPRUM (the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) took place there.

For more information on the whole project see the Facebook event.

Finep supported the NON-conference 2021

At the end of June, we were very happy to support a non-conventional conference for students organized by students. Ondra Kolek, Martin Mikyska aka Mikýř and the girls from the Opravdové zločiny (True Crimes) podcast Lucie Bechynská and Barbora Krčmová spoke on the topic of entertainment. Matěj Žák (Satoshi Labs), Jaroslav Beck (Beat Saber), and Michal Ptáček (CzechCrunch) also performed. In addition to that, the program included workshops and afterparties on the terrace of the Máj 4. Patro event space.

The event is traditionally organized by Markething.cz, which is an association of students, graduates, and lecturers of the Department of Marketing Communication and Public Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.

Here you can watch the recording of the conference.

FINEP supports the European Judo Championship 2020

FINEP has become one of the general partners of the upcoming continental judo championship. We are glad that we can take part in the organization of one of this year's biggest sports events, which will once again welcome the best of the best judo fighters of the old continent in the Czech Republic after almost 20 years.
For more information please see our News.

FINEP supports The Landscape Festival

We enjoy interesting concepts of the art. Therefore, we supported this year's Landscape Festival in Prague's Žižkov. The aim of already the eighth year is to raise awareness and show the possibilities of landscape architecture and thus emphasize the importance of public space and greenery in a city. 

Specific support was directed to the realization of a work entitled "WE VALUE WATER". 

You can read more about the work itself at: https://www.landscape-festival.cz/cz/instalace (č. 31)

FINEP supports Harfandění

We have sponsored already the 5th year of Harfandění organized by the Harfa Gallery in support of the Fund for Endangered Children and the Klokánek Project. For each run along the Harfa Gallery and the neighboring O2 arena, the Klokánek project earned CZK 100. In total, less than 11,000 kilometers were traveled within 4 hours, which is roughly as far from Prague to Bali. For Klokánek it means incredible 902,400 CZK.

Learn more www.harfandeni.cz

FINEP supports H-Triatlon Tour

FINEP is an annual general partner of the field triathlon, which takes place in June of the year in a beautiful, environment of Hostivař dam. For several years, we have been supporting organizers not only in the H-Triathlon tours themselves but also in their preparations. We are glad that we can unite our company name with the idea of actively presenting and approaching the beautiful triathlon sport to the widest public - to all sports enthusiasts and children.

Learn more www.htriatlon.cz

FINEP supports Czech artists

The Czech company FINEP is a long-term partner and supporter of Czech artists. The works of Lukáš Rais are part of the exteriors of the newly created residential projects, as well as the interiors in the Lanna Palace (the seat of the company FINEP) or newly also in the Nad Přehradou project in Prague Hostivař.


FINEP is a partner of the Sculpture Line festival

We supported the first year of the original sculpting festival SCULPTURE LINE which changes both the familiar and unusual places in Prague. The festival aims to present sculptures and art objects made by the leading local and international artists in the open air, right in the streets of the capital of Prague. The exhibition intends not only to embellish and enrich the public space, but also to offer a new view of the city and of the artworks themselves both to the residents and visitors of the capital.

FINEP supported swimming competitions

The Motorlet autumn prix and the Prague Grand Prix were held during 11 - 12 October 2015. FINEP provided prizes for each winner of individual swimming competitions.