You can get to the metro on foot

Perhaps the most fundamental criterion for buying a housing in Prague is the proximity of a metro station. Maybe that's why the Britská čtvrť has become one of the most sought-after places to live and work. The Prague’s centre is accessible within 25 minutes.

Unlike most other metro stations of the B line, the entrance to the metro underwent a complete reconstruction in 2008 and thus forms an architectural dominant of the square, which, together with the adjacent park, is the centre of the entire residential and office area.

Due to the fact that Britská čtvrť is located near the beginning of the highway to Plzeň (D5), this locality is also popular with those who have their roots in the western part of Bohemia. It is also perceived as advantageous by those who need to use the airport frequently and at the same time want to live in a quiet place, outside of air routes.

Housing and services – all in one

Britská čtvrť is one of the few to boast such a large number of quality services.

The local staff and residents manage to support a range of great services, from several cafés to a wine shop, hairdresser, several restaurants and indoor and outdoor fitness centres. Of course, there are playgrounds, the largest of which is immediately adjacent to a café and a wine bar, where parents like to use the outside seating to watch their children playing.

You can shop conveniently in Billa which is situated in the office part of the project, and of course there are small businesses offering various services such as an ATM, Alzabox and others. You can read people’s impressions from their visits in several places in our magazine from Britská čtvrť.

Homepark Zličín, where you can find larger services providers, such as IKEA, Tesco, Starbucks, and more, is within a walking distance. The adjacent Stodůlky quarter can offer anything that you do not find directly in Britská čtvrť. There is a post office, a primary school, a kindergarten and more.

A place where life pulsates

What sets Britská čtvrť apart from most of other modern residential projects is the life in the place.

This is not only due to the interconnection of work and living, but also the urban approach, which enabled the creation of small commercial spaces in the immediate vicinity of a playground or an outdoor gym. People enjoy their moments over coffee or Prosecco, while their children spend their free time on the playground with an ice cream in hand.

In our magazine from Britská čtvrť, you can read about neighbourhood meetings that will relieve the local life every so often. In the past, we met together, for example, at the Tasting day of St. Martin's wines, the Sculpture Line art exhibition or, for example, at the lighting of a Christmas tree, which was planted in the park just for the purpose of this tradition.

Modern and colourful architecture

The concept of Britská čtvrť has been urbanized as a start of the future Západní Město from its very beginning.

That is why both office buildings and colourful residential houses are being built there, low-rise and high-rise as well, with beautiful views.

The public space which consists of Náměstí Junkových square and the adjacent park with a playground and an outdoor gym plays an important role. An equally important part of the public space is a beautiful Japanese garden with a stream and pleasant places inviting to relax.

Thanks to this, the place is also attractive for such significant companies as Komerční Banka, Vodafone, or Siemens which have moved their headquarters there. Moreover, thousands of other residents have found their homes in this quarter.

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Magazine from Britská

Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in Britská čtvrť– you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

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Places we´ve visited

We give you an overview of places where you can enjoy a tasty lunch, go out for a nice dinner or perhaps just grab your favourite coffee, snack, or maybe something stronger.

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Workout: Outdoor workout area in Britská čtvrť

14. 11. 2020 Venkovní workout posilovna Britská čtvrť

  • Britská čtvrť
  • Prague 5
  • Stodůlky

My expectations from workout fields, in general, have never been too high. I am used to having the comfort of many types of machines, constructions, treadmills and mats from indoor gyms. Which the vast majority of outdoor gyms I visit don't offer.

We visited: Pizza Coloseum Luka

23. 10. 2020 Pizza Coloseum Luka

  • Prague 5
  • Britská čtvrť
  • Stodůlky

Pizzeria Coloseum is known throughout the whole Prague - one of the branches of this famous pizzeria can also be found near your homes in the Britská čtvrť! It's a nice 15-minute walk to this pizzeria.

We visited: Red Café

24. 9. 2020 Red Café

  • Prague 5
  • Stodůlky

Red Café is a very modern café and bistro, located in Vodafone offices right at the Stodůlky metro station. It is such a great place with a pretty extensive interior and outside seating, and also very friendly and nice staff. They offer breakfast...

We visited: playground at Britská čtvrť

12. 9. 2020 Hřiště na Britské čtvrti

  • Britská čtvrť
  • Prague 5

If you are looking for a more peaceful place to play in Britská čtvrť, be sure to visit the playground in the courtyard of the northernmost residential development (first stages of the houses). Today, all events are concentrated on the field near...

We visited: La Zmrzka

18. 8. 2020 La Zmrzka

  • Britská čtvrť
  • Prague 5

La Zmrzka se řadí k jedněm z nejlepších zmrzlináren v Praze vůbec a vy máte to štěstí bydlet pouze pár kroků daleko!

We visited: Zen Bistro

7. 8. 2020 Zen bistro

  • Britská čtvrť
  • Prague 5

If you consider yourself an Asian cuisine lover, then you will definitely be happy to hear that there is Zen bistro in Britská čtvrť. Zen offers Thai, Vietnamese and also Japanese cuisine!

We visited: playgrounds at Britská

5. 8. 2020 Dětské hřiště na Britské

  • Britská čtvrť
  • Prague 5

In the heart of the ever-expanding Britská čtvrť, just a few steps from the Stodůlky metro station, you will find one of several newly built playgrounds. The largest is the one in the Britská čtvrť, which has been designed for people of all ages.

We visited: Bistro Bartga

21. 5. 2020 Bistro BARTGA

  • Stodůlky
  • Prague 5
  • Britská čtvrť

Bistro is such an ideal place to get just a small piece of pizza to go as well as for a proper family dinner. The bistro consists of two floors - the upper one works as the takeaway bistro, while the lower is quite calm and extensive, with many...

We visited: Restaurant Kolkovna

26. 2. 2020 Kolkovna Stodůlky

  • Stodůlky
  • Prague 5
  • Britská čtvrť

The restaurants are mostly located in the centre of Prague; however, you can find one in Stodůlky as well which is only a few steps from your home. Their Czech cuisine is really worth trying – you can try their delicious „svíčková“ or properly...

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