Only 7 minutes’ walk to Šárka

We have a crucial message for sports and nature lovers. You can get on foot to Šárecké údolí, a valley also called Šárka, in just 7 minutes.

Šárecké údolí is popular with lovers of running and cycling thanks to its natural beauty, vastness and interesting terrain. You can easily find a number paths with varying degrees of difficulty that will take you through beautiful countryside, where you can clear your head in a moment.

Šárecké údolí is also popular with lovers of mountaineering. The local climbing history stretches back over 100 years.

If you like to go swimming in the summer, then you can enjoy the atmosphere of the First-Republic swimming pool.

Another option for summer relaxation is to have a picnic with friends. For this purpose, you can use the official picnic and barbecue spot, which is just over a kilometre away from this place.




Direct tram to the city center

By the end of 2023, a tram stop will be completed as part of the project. The journey to the city center will then take approximately half an hour without transfers.

Within a ten-minute walk, you can also reach Prague-Ruzyně train station, where the S lines stop. It takes 3 minutes by car or bus to get to the Šestka Shopping Center. If you frequently travel abroad, you will appreciate the accessibility of the airport, which is only a 5-minute drive away.

In the long term, the creation of a high-speed rail line from Prague to Kladno with a stop at Dlouhá míle near the project is planned.

Prague district loved by citizen

Beautiful countryside, iconic living, and countless places for sports and cultural activities.

Prague 6 has long been one of the most sought-after city districts. This is due to the beautiful quarters consisting of residential buildings, gorgeous nature parks, renowned restaurants or the approach of the city district authority, which is not afraid to invest in great ideas of its inhabitants.

In terms of services, the proximity of the Šestka shopping centre is invaluable. It offers all practical services from shopping through cafés to restaurants, as well as lots of activities, for example for children.

Moderní čtvrť



A modern district will emerge almost from nothing.

It is always a great challenge to build a site on a green field. At FINEP, we have went through this several times in the past.

It is worth to mention Britská čtvrť, Malý háj, or Kaskády Barrandov projects. In all cases, we managed to build the desired residential projects, which are now pulsating with life. We are now utilizing all the experience gained in the construction of the U Šárka Residence.

With the first buildings, a multifunctional sports area, an outdoor gym, and a children's playground have already been created. In the next phases, spaces for new public facilities will be developed.

Discover Living in Rezidence U Šárky

We invite you to explore the exclusive locality of Rezidence U Šárky in Ruzyně. This area is characterized by its diversity and comfort, which are integral parts of everyday life.

We will show you not only the interior spaces of the apartment but also its surroundings, which offer a wide range of activities and services. From picturesque parks and sports facilities to excellent transport connections and comprehensive civic amenities.

We will help you to choose an apartment

Do you need help? Contact us, we are here for you.


Magazine from Šárka

Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in Šárka. 

Upcoming Events Calendar

See what events we are planning for you or we support in the coming days and come and spend the day with us to the fullest!

Summer Crafting: Bookmarks

17. 7. 2024 Městská knihovna v Praze - Petřiny

Come and enjoy an afternoon full of creativity and crafting.

F.O.O.D. Picnic

1. 9. 2024 Park Ladronka

We invite you to a festival full of great food, cooking shows, and delightful encounters!

Past events

We have experienced something with each of you, or maybe we will in the near future. Some of them went through the whole process of acquiring their housing with us or are just getting ready for it, others met with us at events that we organize for residents of our localities. We have prepared a short report of each of these events for you. See how you were enjoying them.

Watercolor Plant and Flower Painting Workshop

11. 7. 2024 Městská knihovna v Praze - Petřiny

Join us for a watercolor plant and flower painting workshop with instructor MgA. Kristina Tichá.

Children's Day: Pirates at Petynka

15. 6. 2024 Swimming pool at Petynka

Get all the treasures and become a true pirate at Children's Day

Invitation to Open Day at the Climbing Wall in Ruzyně

15. 6. 2024 Lezecká stěna Ruzyně, Ztracená 1132

Come join us for the Open Day at the climbing wall in Ruzyně.

Neighborhood Gathering U Šárky

12. 6. 2024 at the multifunctional playground and outdoor gym

  • Ruzyně
  • Organized by FINEP
  • Flats U Šárky

We are planning the first summer gathering for you! Come and join us...

Places we´ve visited

We give you an overview of activities and places where you can enjoy your time.

Geocaching and Open-air Theatre in Šárka

26. 9. 2020 Geocaching a přírodní divadlo Šárka

Do you like countryside, solving puzzles and challenges? Try Geocaching in Divoká Šárka! This weekend we took a trip – interesting and informative in all respects. My girlfriend and brother and I agreed to go for a walk in Divoká Šárka. On our...

Jogging: park Divoká Šárka

23. 9. 2020 Běh: park Divoká Šárka

Go Jogging to Šárka. I consider jogging to be the most natural human movement and perhaps the most beautiful one. The human body looks graceful when running, like it is in its element. I also see its beauty in its versatility. Personally, I'm...

Water: park Divoká Šárka

19. 9. 2020 Koupání: park Divoká Šárka

What do I love most at Divoká Šárka? Certainly, its complexity. You can do anything you want there. And water is an essential part of that sports complexity.

Cycling: park Divoká Šárka

6. 9. 2020 Cyklistika: park Divoká Šárka

On bikes to Šárka, efficiently and with fun It doesn't matter how many wheels you prefer, you can choose one or four if you want, and you can ride round and round. Riding on a bike path on the waterfront in the centre of Prague is one...

We visited: park Divoká Šárka

5. 9. 2020 Divoká Šárka - lezení

Doing Sports in Divoká Šárka? More extreme than you would expect… Divoká Šárka, a nature reserve, is unique in itself for its natural beauty. And given its location close to the city centre, it becomes, especially for the inhabitants of Prague...

We visited: Cafe Letohrádek

22. 6. 2020 Café Letohrádek

Letohrádek cafe is located in the Hvězda dormitory right next to the castle, as the name of the cafe suggests. You can combine a visit to the cafe with a pleasant walk through the park or a visit of the castle – it is also an ideal place to sit...