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Residence Pergamenka II
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Flat 414/A2
113,8 m2
Loggia (8 m2), GarageThe price of the garage parking place is not included in the total price of the apartment., Storage roomThe price of the utility room is not included in the total price of the apartment.
Residence Pergamenka II
4th floor
N, S
  • Soon to move in
iThe price of the apartment unit is valid subject to the employment of a 90/10 payment schedule. Should a different manner of payment be employed, the price shall be agreed with the client individually. The listed prices do not include the garage parking space, the parking space outside of the garage and, as the case may be, a utility room and a cellar.
NTentative reserved
597 470 €

Locality of Holešovice

Abundant services

We create a space where you can enjoy your breakfast in your favourite coffee-house, spend evening with a real gastronomic experience in a finest restaurant or have a drink with your friends in a bar. And you will surely appreciate the vicinity of a school, kindergarten, playgrounds, and a pharmacy or grocery shop in your everyday life. Welcome in Pergamenka in Holešovice district of Prague. In a place, where you would love to live.



Perfect accessibility

Now you have everything at hand. It takes you only 1 minute to a bus stop, 2 minutes to a tram and within 6 minutes only you can get on a train or underground. On foot of course. And it’s still not the best. The best is that you are already in the city centre. You can take underground and get off at Florec, Main Station or Museum within several minutes.


Art of relaxation

Pergamenka offers its residents relaxation for their body and mind. The newly created area of the inner courtyard will form a combination of an industrial atmosphere, mainly thanks to steel constructions of the former warehouses supplemented with works of art, water features, and places to sit and relax. The surrounding area offers a fitness centre, cycle path, swimming pool, newly revitalised city park Stromovka, and of course museum and gallery as representatives of culture.

Plavecký bazén

Holešovice, it is new Karlín

Previously neglected working-class locality is changing before your eyes into one of the most stylish Prague’s quarters. Be there and in time, until the place with Karlín-style will also be expensive as Karlín.

You can live in a town quarter, from where you can walk to your favourite coffee-house, snack bar, restaurant or shop. In the place, where you can spend weekends with your family or friends – go into a park, visit a museum or gallery and finish the day with a drink in a bar, just several steps from your apartment.

All of these and more. This is Holešovice, your new home.

Quality and design

The basis of every high-quality living is utilisation of the best materials and accessories. The Rezidence Pergamenka project has particularly in mind the comfort of its future residents inside and outside as well. In addition to preservation of the structure of the former warehouses, the newly created unique area of the inner courtyard will add works of art, water features, and places for sitting and relaxing.

Prokop Tomášek and Jan Rosický, the architects of the architectural studio A69 are behind the quality and unique example of a combination of industrial and housing functions.

With respect to the history of this place

The basic philosophy of the whole project is to follow the nature of the original urban buildings of Holešovice with reference to the rich history of the former warehouse facilities in Ferona premises. The project will, among others, preserve and refurbish the original building of a store, in which you will find the Wine Food snack bar and a fitness centre.

The genius loci of the whole building will be intensified by a public area composed of a park with a revitalised steel skeleton of former warehouse buildings. Thus, it will form a unique concept of an industrial garden that will naturally supplement the modern architecture of the whole project.

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Magazine from Pergamenka

Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in Pergamenka – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.

Places we´ve visited

We decided to try what kind of lunch you can enjoy in the vicinity of your home, where you can go for a good dinner or just a favourite coffee, dessert or something little stronger. How did it end up? Read it for yourself.

We visited: Haru Sushi

21. 7. 2021 Haru Sushi

  • Prague 7
  • Flats Pergamenka

Haru sushi je skvělá asijská restaurace, nabízející nejen výborné sushi, ale i jiné asijské pokrmy.

We visited: Espressone

23. 6. 2021 Espressoone

  • Prague 7
  • Flats Pergamenka

Are you a coffee lover? Then you should definitely go to Espressone café, which you can find just a short walk from your home in Pergamenka – the café is located in Business Park Classic 7 in Jankovcova Street!

We visited: Avion Street Café

9. 1. 2021 Avion Street Café

  • Flats Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Avion Street Café is such a cosy café located at the corner of Komunardu & U Mestanskeho pivovaru streets.

We visited: Home Kitchen

26. 11. 2020 Home Kitchen

  • Prague 7
  • Flats Pergamenka

If you have lived in Holesovice for some time now, then you would already know Home Kitchen bistro. This bistro was established with the idea of connecting a restaurant/bistro set up with the one of „home“ kitchen, where the customers will simply...

We visited: Phil’s corner

18. 10. 2020 Phil's Corner

  • Prague 7
  • Flats Pergamenka

Are you wondering where should you go to get a delicious breakfast for an affordable price? Then we definitely recommend stopping by Phil’s Corner, a café located right at the U Průhonu tram stop.

We visited: Restaurace Kolkovna Argentinská

15. 10. 2020 Kolkovna Argentinská

  • Flats Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Are you looking for a decent restaurant where you can get both – traditional Czech cuisine as well as tasty pasta or salad? Then you should try the restaurant chain Kolkovna! One branch is located in Holešovice so it is pretty close to your home.

We visited: Ca Phe

25. 8. 2020 Ca Phe

  • Prague 7
  • Flats Pergamenka

If you like Vietnamese cuisine, then you should definitely visit bistro & cafe Ca Phe.

We visited: Vintroblock

19. 8. 2020 Vnitroblock

  • Prague 7
  • Flats Pergamenka

Vnitroblock je zcela unikátním místem nacházejícím se mezi ulicemi Tusarova a Dělnická. Jedná se o rozsáhlé prostory, do kterých můžete zajít nejen na skvělou kávu, brunch nebo kousek dobrého koláče a dortu, ale i se jen tak pobavit s přáteli...

We visited: Restaurant Osada

23. 7. 2020 Osada

  • Flats Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

You will definitely find a lot of great places in Prague 7 today and one of them is surely Osada café. The café is located in a calm courtyard, just a few minutes away from Dělnická station. They offer delicious, high-quality coffee, home-made...

We visited: Barry Higgel's Coffeehouse

29. 5. 2020 Barry Higgel's Coffeehouse

  • Flats Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Barry Higgel’s coffeehouse is a cosy little café in Tusarova street in Holešovice. Very nice staff, exquisite coffee of all types, great breakfast offer and very good prices. Every visit is a pleasure.

We visited: Bistro Twenty7

26. 4. 2020 Twenty7

  • Flats Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Bistro Twenty7 is another amazing bistro located in Holešovice and just 10 minutes far away from your home. You can visit this place anytime and you will always find here something good for you!

We visited: Bistro Lovely Day

24. 3. 2020 Bistro Lovely day

  • Flats Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Bistro Lovely Day is, as the name suggests, a very lovely small bistro with a totally breathtaking interior. This bright bistro truly can impress anyone – moreover you can also enjoy sitting at the tables outside in the summer months.

We visited: Restaurant Salut

11. 3. 2020 Salut Holešovice

  • Flats Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

If you are passing by not so nice Holešovice railway station, then you can try to brighten up your journey by the visit of the Salut restaurant. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Absolutum hotel, which is only a few steps walking...

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