We have been building apartments all over Prague for 26 years. With various locations, layouts and forms of ownership, you can choose exactly the place of residence that suits your lifestyle. A place that is both charming and accessible. Large or small, but certainly practical. Under the conditions that suit you best. Your new home will be perfect. Which one you choose is up to you.

In the countryside or in the city?

We are constantly developing new living spaces.

Do you love the city? Then choose something in Holešovice or in Karlín. Both projects offer the opportunity to experience the city to its full extent. There are shops, cafés, restaurants, amenities of all kinds and great transport accessibility. There are also beautiful parks.

Or do you want to be farther away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, close to the greenery, and still have services within reach? Then we have the U Šárky project for you, which is only a 7-minute walk from the huge Šárka Valley.

On metro line B or C?

If anything today has become a symbol of a well-located housing project in Prague nowadays, it is closeness to a metro line.

Thanks to its frequency of connections and high reliability, the metro offers excellent comfort in transport to almost any place of Prague.

Our projects have this in mind. So whether you prefer metro line B or C, everyone can choose from us.

Right or left bank?

It is a well-known fact that the people of Prague are clearly divided by the Vltava River. For some, the right bank is a beloved place to live, a place they know well, while others go there only if they have no other choice.

We have good news for both groups. On the left bank, we offer the beautifully situated Kaskády Barrandov, Britská čtvrť and U Šárky projects.

For the latter group, we offer the no less quality housing Harfa Park, Pergamenka and U Sluncové projects.

For yourself or for your children?

Housing has always been a commodity providing people the opportunity to fulfil their own dreams and put down roots in a place that they love or that connects them to something or someone.

However, there are other motivations too. Many people realize that housing can be a great investment for their own children, helping them to get a great start in life.

For both groups, we offer a large variety of layouts and sizes of apartments in our developments that can suit everyone.

Cooperative or private ownership?

We noticed years ago that there is a group of people who may have problems getting a mortgage loan despite their apparent creditworthiness.

Therefore, since 2011, we have been offering our clients cooperative housing as a mortgage-free alternative to traditional private ownership.

Thus, thousands of people have already found their homes with us, and you will certainly find what you are looking for as well.