We are sorry, we are sold out

We do apologize, but there are no available properties in Residence U Sluncové project anymore since it has been sold out. Congratulations to all clients who have chosen their new home there.

You can also choose from our other projects. See other locations and find your dream home!

Residence U Sluncové

U Sluncové project in Karlín is a perfect address. It is a place where you can buy your coffee and breakfast on the way to work and on the way back you can buy what you need.

Karlín is also a place of culture with a lot of summer concerts. You just have to choose. The intimate city residential project U Sluncové offers you privacy of a place where even the passenger transport itself is minimal as compared to the conditions of a European city.  And yet, it is still true that you live de facto almost in the centre of the European capital in a prestigious location. At the same time, Karlín is a place that lives its own everyday life, where you have your privacy and know your neighbours. There, you have your favourite places, restaurants, cafés, bakeries, patisseries and shops. Your new home will offer you a living space in the middle of the city, where you also have your own privacy and security.

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