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Unfortunately, we did not find any reviews.

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Places we´ve visited

We visited: Kavárna Kristian

13. 12. 2023 Kavárna Kristian

Cafe Kristian is a cosy cafe that you will find only a 15-minute walk from your home. The place offers delicious cakes and coffee, as well as a regular menu including both main dishes and soups, small evening snacks, which you can complement with...

We visited: Nippan Bakery

23. 11. 2023 Nippan bakery

Nippan bakery is an original Japanese bakery, located just 10 minutes walk from your residence. Here you can enjoy not only the famous Japanese matcha latte, but also unusual pastries, breads, sweet and savoury Japanese pastries and a selection...

We visited: Coffee room

5. 5. 2023 Coffee room

Coffee Room is one of the most popular cafés in Vinohrady district. It is therefore absolutely great news that they have decided to open a branch in Barrandov in May 2023!

We visited: Restaurace Kamera

24. 2. 2023 Restaurace Kamera

Do you like traditional Czech cuisine? Then you must definitely visit the Kamera restaurant, which is located just a 20-minute walk from your home. Kamera is renowned for its modern Czech gastronomy - from traditional dumplings and sauces to...

We visited: eM3 Coffee

1. 11. 2022 eM3 Coffee

eM3 Coffee is a great proof that even outside the centre of Prague you can find very good and pleasant places with excellent coffee, refreshments and a great atmosphere. eM3 is a cosy café which you can find a few steps from the tram stop Geologická.

We visited: Tomcat Coffee

5. 3. 2022 Tomcat Coffee

Where to get the best coffee within walking distance from your homes? Definitely in Tomcat Coffee!

We visited: Petit Barrandov

20. 10. 2021 Cafe Petit Barrandov

Everyone would like to have a café like Petit Barrandov near their home. A calm and pleasant environment with friendly service, sunny and full of the smell of fresh coffee and sweet treats.

We visited: Pizzerie Kaskáda

29. 10. 2020 Pizzerie Kaskáda

One of the places you can visit is the Kaskáda pizzeria. It is a family business offering a wide selection of pasta, various types of Italian pizzas, risotto and meat dishes.

We visited: Park Café 67

15. 9. 2020 Park Café 67

Park café 67 – cake shop with family tradition is located not only in Písek in South Bohemia, but also in Barrandov - not far from your homes!

We visited: Restaurant Cik Cak

4. 9. 2020 Restaurace Cik Cak

Probably the best restaurant in Barrandov is the restaurant Cik Cak. Modern, stylish restaurant offering international cuisine – Asian specialties, burgers, steaks, salads, tortillas or quesadillas and more! Both meat lovers and vegetarians will...

We visited: playground at Barrandov

15. 8. 2020 Dětské hřiště na Barrandově

An interesting feature of the Barrandov playground is its division into two parts. Although the reasons are probably entirely practical (the playground is crossed by a path leading to one of the houses), I found the division at least interesting.