Diego Pivní bar


We visited: Diego Pivní bar

4. 2. 2020 Diego pivní bar

Ideal place for all beer lovers – why? Because they have six beers on tap in the Diego beer bar in Karlín! They rotate the types of beers served, so you can basically try a new one on every visit.

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Quick info:

- 15 minutes walk from Sluncová residence

- six beers on tap, Mexican cuisine

-not possible to pay by card



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Places we´ve visited

We visited: VELTLÍN winery

23. 1. 2021 Veltlin

Veltlin winery is such an authentic place located at the heart of Karlin, offering delicious natural wines from the former Habsburg monarchy territory. The winery does not have a regular wine menu, they only have a seasonal one full of tasty...

We visited: Ugo Salaterii

14. 1. 2021 Ugo salatérie

Do you enjoy smoothies and vegetable or fruit freshes? Then you probably already know Ugo salad bar which is nowadays located in many places in Prague. One of those places is Karlin, directly at the Krizikova metro stop. They offer delicious...

We visited: WOKER Bistro

6. 1. 2021 Woker bistro

Woker bistro is an Asian restaurant located close to the tram stop Urxova. They offer a delicious Asian cuisine in the form of sushi, daily as well as the regular menu. Personally, we only tried their sushi which was delicious. Nevertheless, we...

We visited: Dhaba Beas

1. 1. 2021 Dhaba Beas

If you enjoy healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes then we certainly recommend you to drop by Dhaba Beas restaurants. Dhaba Beas restaurants are located in many places in Prague, including two at Krizikova tram stop, very close to your home. They...

We visited: Café Frida

22. 12. 2020 Café Frida

Coffee, desserts, authentic Mexican cuisine, breakfast or beer from Únětice brewery – all of this can be found in Café Frida in Karlín, named by famous artist Frida Kahlo.

We visited: Loft espresso bar

19. 12. 2020 Loft

Attention please, all coffee lovers: there is a perfect espresso bar serving specialty coffee only 15 minutes’ walk from your homes – Loft!

We visited: Banh mi ba

15. 12. 2020 Banh mi ba

Perfect bistro for all Asian cuisine lovers, that is Banh Mi Ba! You can find it on five places all over Prague – one of them being close to your homes in Karlín!

We visited: restaurant Sanduga

4. 12. 2020 Sanduga

Sanduga is an Asian restaurant located right on the Karlin square. It is a high-class restaurant with a beautiful interior as well as outside seating.

We visited: Ngo restaurant

2. 12. 2020 Ngo restaurant

If you are searching for a restaurant serving delicious south-Asian cuisine, then you should definitely stop by Ngô restaurant located on the Karlin square.

We visited: Kafe Karlín

23. 11. 2020 Kafe Karlín

„Before heading off to work, stop by for a coffee“! A great slogan which truly captures the vibe of Kafe Karlín café.

We visited: Bistro Na Pokec

3. 11. 2020 Bistro Na Pokec

Newly opened bistro Na pokec is a cosy place in the heart of Karlín. They have a great daily offer, homemade lemonades, coffee, wine, beer or drinks.

We visited: EMA espresso bar

6. 10. 2020 EMA Espresso Bar

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Ema is surely one of the best cafés you can find in Prague, that being especially due to its delicious speciality coffee. The most popular branch of this coffee chain is surely the one located in Florenc, right next to the Masaryk‘s railway station.

We visited: Yolo Karlín

28. 9. 2020 Yolo bistro

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

In the Butterfly office complex you will find a number of great bistros and cafes – one of them is also a bistro called YOLO. They offer breakfast, several á la carte dishes (such as a poke bowl, a delicious pad thai or a burger!) and you can...

We visited: Bistro Polévkárna

22. 8. 2020 Polévkárna

Polévkárna bistro located on Sokolovská street is such a great place to get a quick lunch during the week. You will always find a few soups on the menu, from the broth to the creamy ones.

We visited: Avocado Gang

1. 8. 2020 Avocado Gang

We have visited for you another famous place in Karlín – the Avocado Gang. The restaurant offers both savoury and sweet meals. We tried one savoury and one sweet variant. Both were excellent. A great start to the day together with Hugo Spritz...

We visited: Pivo Karlín

14. 7. 2020 Pivo Karlín

Pivo Karlín is a beautiful small brewery and restaurant in a modern office building Butterfly in Karlín. They have beers from their own brewery – you can try for example wheat beer, IPA, APA or Karlín 11.

We visited: Ô-mai coffee

9. 7. 2020 Ô-mai Coffee

Ô-mai coffee is a famous Vietnameese coffee located in Karlín, right at Urxova station. The café offers great brunches and delicious coffee.

We visited: Nejen Bistro

1. 7. 2020 Nejen Bistro

Visiting Nejen Bistro in Karlín is a pure gourmet experience. It’s a modern bistro with a beautiful interior (open kitchen, large windows, flowers…) and top chef Petr Brňák, who has many years of experience from great Czech and foreign restaurants.

We visited: Café Parlor

11. 6. 2020 Parlor Café

Parlor café is in our opinion one of the must go places in Karlín. Although its location is quite far from your residence, it is surely worth visiting. Moreover, a very enjoyable walk through Karlín streets will make you quite hungry which you...

We visited: Restaurant Podolka

3. 6. 2020 Podolka

Karlín and Podolí! Podolka is suitable for vegetarians, glutenfree dieters as well as meat lovers! We even dare to say that this is one of the best restaurants for individuals with a gluten-free diet, which can be found in Prague. We recommend to...

We visited: Yam Yam

26. 5. 2020 Yam Yam

In case that you consider yourself an Asian cuisine lover you’ve probably already heard of Yam Yam restaurant. Yam Yam is known mainly for their perfect curry, noodles and soups – if you’re a fan of spicy food you’ll definitely love it (but no...

We visited: Můj šálek kávy

18. 5. 2020 Můj šálek kávy

Muj salek kavy is a very famous cafe in the centre of Karlin. This place is well known especially for its high quality delicious coffee Double shot.

We visited: Spojka Karlín

2. 3. 2020 Spojka Karlín

Spojka restaurant in Karlín is a great addition to the restaurants in Prague 8. This place was opened quite recently but thanks to its outstanding philosophy (“Food connects us”), delicious food made of high quality ingredients, amazing interior...

We visited: Bistro Proti Proudu

28. 2. 2020 Bistro Proti Proudu

Another great place in Karlín is definitely Bistro Proti Proudu. Although it is not a café but a bistro, it can be proud of its truly delicious coffee. Well, when you get a coffee, it is a good idea to get something sweet on the side. The bistro...

We visited: café Etapa

24. 2. 2020 kavárna Etapa

If you are looking for a cosy café right at the heart of Karlín, then the newly opened Etapa café is the right place for you! Already when you step in the café, you will be amazed by its warm interior, full of room plants and flowers. We chose to...

We visited: Street PHO

11. 2. 2020 Street PHO

StreetPho is a Vietnamese bistro right in the heart of Karlín – you can try not only the classic Vietnamese dishes such as Pho soup, noodle salad Bun Bo Nam Bo, Nem Cuon rolls or Banh Mi baguettes, but also for example a special Asian burger or...

We visited: Diego Pivní bar

4. 2. 2020 Diego pivní bar

Ideal place for all beer lovers – why? Because they have six beers on tap in the Diego beer bar in Karlín! They rotate the types of beers served, so you can basically try a new one on every visit.

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