• Cooperative flat 401/J1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 61 m2
    Cooperative flat 402/J1 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 34,5 m2
    Cooperative flat 403/J1 - Sold
    2(1)+kitchenette, 55,7 m2
    Cooperative flat 404/J1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,1 m2
    Cooperative flat 405/J1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 59,1 m2
    Cooperative flat 406/J1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 56,5 m2
    Cooperative flat 407/J1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,5 m2
    Cooperative flat 408/J1 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 116,8 m2
    369 190 €
    Cooperative flat 409/J2 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 61,4 m2
    Cooperative flat 410/J2 - Sold
    2(1)+kitchenette, 56,5 m2
    Cooperative flat 411/J2 - Sold
    2(1)+kitchenette, 53,1 m2
    Cooperative flat 412/J2 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 39 m2
    Cooperative flat 413/J2 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 34,7 m2
    Cooperative flat 414/J2 - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 119,2 m2
    Cooperative flat 415/J2 - Sold
    2(1)+kitchenette, 51,4 m2
    Cooperative flat 416/J2 - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 89,3 m2
iYou have chosen Britská čtvrť XI
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Balcony (11,8 m2), Loggia (7,6 m2), GarageThe price of the garage parking place is not included in the total price of the apartment., Storage roomThe price of the utility room is not included in the total price of the apartment.
Britská čtvrť XI
4th floor
N, W
    iThe listed prices do not include the garage parking space, the parking space outside of the garage and, as the case may be, a utility room and a cellar.
    NTentative reserved
    369 190 €

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    About locality

    Britská čtvrť is a residential project emerging within the new municipal district of Západní město in Prague 5 – Stodůlky.

    Its excellent accessibility is demarcated by the well known thoroughfares Jeremiášova and Rozvadovská connecting road with the latter being connected to the Prague Circuit and the D5 highway to Pilsen. There is also an excellent access to the Ruzyně Airport and to the centre of Prague thanks to the B Metro line situated directly in the square.

    Wide range of continuously developing services in the immediate neighborhood is a great part of the project. The site already includes Billa, the Kolkovna restaurant, Sushi bar, the DM drug store or a branch and ATM of Komerční Banka. It is located only 5-minute walk away from the Homepark shopping centre with such shops as Tesco, IKEA, Jysk, A3 sport, Takko Fashion, Datart, and others. It only takes 5 minutes by car to get to the Globus hypermarket, Makro hypermarket and petrol station, Baumax, Asko, Billa, or the Metropole Zličín shopping centre with a wide range of services, including cinema or the Albert supermarket.

    Britská čtvrť is a part of the Západní město territory which has been developing since 2007 in a close vicinity of the Stodůlky Metro station. Britská čtvrť is an exceptionally successful project of a European quality with all its phases having been sold out already before the construction was completed and it thus represents not only a great choice of one´s own housing but also a safe investment solution. Residents can currently use new shops and services, relaxation zones and playground for both little and older ones.


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