Posilování: Venkovní workoutové hřiště na Britské

Workout: Outdoor workout area in Britská čtvrť

14. 11. 2020

Before I start to write the further lines about my experience in the workout area in Britská čtvrť, I need to note one essential thing. I am not a trainer or other fitness professional. I have been actively doing sports all my life and, as a self-taught person, I have been attending fitness centres regularly for years, but I am definitely a layman. Maybe like most of you who are reading these lines now. And that’s what I'm trying to express – I see it the same eyes as you.

My expectations from workout fields, in general, have never been too high. I am used to having the comfort of many types of machines, constructions, treadmills and mats from indoor gyms. Which the vast majority of outdoor gyms I visit don't offer. They are usually equipped with some kind of a horizontal bar, two or three constructions trying to replace first-quality machines that I know from indoor gyms, and maybe a little more space where I can move freely and stretch my hands.

However, I was really pleasantly surprised in Britská čtvrť. Not only has it constructions for different ways of pulling up, moving hand over hand or doing triceps press-ups. In addition, there is a rich part with really well-usable machines for the back, arms, shoulders and legs training. All with the ability to scale the load. There is even a bench with a barbell, which will be appreciated by all bench press lovers. In addition to quality exercising elements, the gym offers a shade, much-needed especially in summer months. There is a fixed shading structure built in the rest zone. I have to add that the gym is really generous and is commonly used by individuals, trainers and their charges. Especially now, in the Covid time, when the indoor gyms have been forcibly closed, this place is full to bursting despite the cold weather.

In short, if you like exercising or you have just decided to change your lifestyle, but you don't want to go to a sweaty gym, this is the way to go. And finally, one more tip: first, set off for jogging in the nearby Chaby city district. Then, you can throw yourself into working out with clear head and warmed up.

Written, photographed, and tested by Martin B., a sports enthusiast, lover of good food and sense of humour.

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- Part of the relaxation zone of the Britská čtvrť residential area Britská čtvrť

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