We visited: Pražská tržnice

7. 9. 2022

Do you put an emphasis on farm-fresh, local, and above all fresh food in your shopping? Or do you simply like going to farmers' markets because of the atmosphere? Either way, you'll be happy to know that you don't have to go all the way to Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad or Náplavka. Just take a pleasant walk to the Prague Market Hall in Holešovice.

The Prague Market („Pražská tržnice in Czech“) could be described as a small town in the city. It is a historically diverse building bringing together various concepts and activities suitable for everyone. We were particularly interested in Hall 22, which offers local products from a wide variety of farmers and sellers. The products on sale include not only fresh fruit and vegetables in organic quality, but also various delicacies and snacks. We particularly chose food from the local organic shop at the back of the hall - homemade granola, nut butters, nuts, as well as spices and dried tomatoes – that’s something we really enjoy! In addition, there are often various cultural events for children and adults, educational lectures and concerts.

In addition, the market is open during the week and the opening hours are very friendly for those who only have time to visit later in the afternoon or evening (especially every Thursday, when they are open until 19:00!).


Written by  Kateřina a Tereza, founders of the project @kamvpraze (where to go in Prague) who want to inspire other foodies.

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Quick info

- Within a 20-minute walk from Pergamenka

- Locally sourced ingredients from fruit and vegetables to fresh baked goods, deli meats and flowers

- Great food hall within the Prague Market Hall





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