Navštívili jsme: dětské hřiště na Barrandově

We visited: playground at Barrandov

15. 8. 2020

An interesting feature of the Barrandov playground is its division into two parts. Although the reasons are probably entirely practical (the playground is crossed by a path leading to one of the houses), I found the division at least interesting. In the smaller part there is a rocking horse, a sandpit and for me a bit illogically situated chain path. Perhaps I would prefer some other element, more suitable for the youngest children, so that everything is together and this part of the playground can be used by the mothers of the youngest children without worrying that they will get in the way of frolicsome older children.

The second part of the playground is significantly larger and you will find elements for both small and older children there. We were fascinated by the climbing wall, which even our two-year-old liked, and an interesting carousel. The slide is big appropriately so that even smaller children are not afraid of it. The large climbing frame provides enjoyment for older children and with a little imagination could also serve as a modest outdoor gym. On the playground, you can also find a classic and a hanging swing.

We really liked the planted trees and shrubs, which added cosiness to the playground and will give it a beautiful shade, one day. But the shade is also provided by the adjoining house in the afternoon, so you can easily hide from the scorching sun, which is unfortunately still a scarce commodity on the playgrounds in the summer. There are enough benches on the playground, many of them are even situated in the shade.

Which way to the playground?