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We visited: Ngo restaurant

2. 12. 2020

If you are searching for a restaurant serving delicious south-Asian cuisine, then you should definitely stop by Ngô restaurant located on the Karlin square. The menu of this place is pretty modest compared to other Asian restaurants or bistros but no matter what you choose to get, you will not regret your choice. We tried passion-fruit lemonade and our beloved Pad Thai with shrimps and wok-tossed veggies with tofu and sweet potato fries on the side. Both dishes were certainly one of the best Asian dishes we have ever eaten. The place itself is very cosy, you can sit outside as well as inside. Moreover, the restaurant is pretty big, so it is a great place to throw a party or a gathering.

Written by  Kateřina a Tereza, founders of the project @kamvpraze (where to go in Prague) who want to inspire other foodies.

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Quick info

- 20 minutes walking distance from your Residence U Sluncové

- a great Asian place serving south-Asian cuisine

- outdoor as well as extensive indoor seating



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