Navštívili jsme: Můj šálek kávy

We visited: Můj šálek kávy

18. 5. 2020

Muj salek kavy is a very famous cafe in the centre of Karlin. This place is well known especially for its high quality delicious coffee Double shot. We can certainly recommend their Flat white or Cappuccino. They also offer coffee with non-dairy milk - in this café, they are using oatmilk from Oatly, which goes really well with your coffee. You can also stop by to get a great brunch, lunch or dinner there, or even a glass of wine in the evening. You will definitely be amazed by the design of this café. However, we certainly recommend booking a table in advance as this place is so popular that it is almost always full of people.

Written by  Kateřina a Tereza, founders of the project @kamvpraze (where to go in Prague) who want to inspire other foodies.

Which way to the restaurant?


Quick info:

- 15 minutes walk from the Sluncová residence

- famous high quality coffee (Double shot)

- delicious brunch, lunch and dinner menu



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