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We visited: Avocado Gang

1. 8. 2020

We have visited for you another famous place in Karlín – the Avocado Gang. Avocado has become a big hit in recent years. No wonder, given its health benefits. We visited the restaurant to have a breakfast. The restaurant offers both savoury and sweet meals. We tried one savoury and one sweet variant. Both were excellent. A great start to the day together with Hugo Spritz. Starting from 11:30 a.m., you can then enjoy the lunch menu. The restaurant offers its popular super bowl, as well as a burger, rice sandwich, shrimp salad, and lots of other dishes worth tasting. The offer of drinks is also wide – would you fancy an excellent smoothie, coffee, tea, wine, spirits or beer? The Avocado Gang will be happy to serve you all of these both in the pleasant garden and in the cosy interior. The staff is very helpful and the kitchen is open, so don't forget to drop by. You will definitely not regret it.

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- do 15 minut chůze pro obyvatele Rezidence U Sluncové



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