Cooperative flat 301/H6

  • Cooperative flat 301/H6 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 119,7 m2
    657 196 €
    Cooperative flat 302/H6 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 31,4 m2
    Cooperative flat 303/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,4 m2
    Cooperative flat 304/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,7 m2
    Cooperative flat 305/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,2 m2
    Cooperative flat 306/H6 - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 88,7 m2
    Cooperative flat 307/H6 - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 88,7 m2
    Cooperative flat 308/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,1 m2
    Cooperative flat 309/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,1 m2
    Cooperative flat 310/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,5 m2
    Cooperative flat 311/H6 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 102,6 m2
    526 231 €
    Cooperative flat 312/H6 - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 83,5 m2
  • Cooperative flat 301/H6 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 119,7 m2
    657 196 €
    Cooperative flat 401/H6 - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 119,9 m2
    Cooperative flat 402/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 57,4 m2
    Cooperative flat 403/H6 - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 88,4 m2
    Cooperative flat 404/H6 - On sale
    3+kitchenette 88,5 m2
    454 671 €
    Cooperative flat 405/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 54,9 m2
    Cooperative flat 406/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,1 m2
    Cooperative flat 407/H6 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 55,5 m2
    Cooperative flat 408/H6 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 33,6 m2
    Cooperative flat 409/H6 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 106,8 m2
    615 817 €
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Cooperative flat 301/H6

Flats Malý háj
Flats Malý háj XI - cooperative
3rd floor, 4th floor
E, N, S
8,9 m2
44,3 m2
YesThe price of the garage parking place is not included in the total price of the apartment.
Storage room
YesThe price of the utility room is not included in the total price of the apartment.
119,7 m2
On sale
Price inc. VAT
657 196 €iA garage or parking space must be purchased for each flat. The listed prices do not include the garage parking space, the parking space outside of the garage and, as the case may be, a utility room and a cellar.

Funding opportunities

2 916 €iSubject to a membership deposit of 20 %Calculate the amount of your rent
By selling another property of yours
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Cooperative calculator

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Purchase price
Member’s contribution share
Membership deposit
131 439 €
Interest rate
5.97 % p.a.
Due date
40 Years
Rent from
2 916 €

Calculation is only indicative.

About project

  • Phase XI of the Malý háj residential project
  • Malý háj XI is formed by one residental house
  • There is 62 new apartments in each house, with the layouts of 1+kitchenette (from 31 m2) to more spacious 4+kitchenette (up to 120 m2) being built
  • Each of the apartments has its balcony, loggia, or terrace
  • 103 parking spaces in underground garages
  • Excellent accessibility to public transport (4-minute walk to bus stop) and connection to Prague's access roads
  • Special 3-year warranty
  • Energy efficiency class B– relates to all apartments in this phase
  • Floor plan
  • Example of standard equipment
  • Cooperative housing financing procedure
  • Architect: AHK ARCHITEKTI, s.r.o., Project designer: BUILDING, s.r.o.

About locality

The successfully developing residential quarter between Štěrboholy and Dolní Měcholupy is a modern locality of many possibilities. And not only due to the combination of the really near nature, the accessibility of many services, the problem-free connection to the “South Connecting Road” and the arterial roads for Mladá Boleslav and Hradec Králové, but also due to the comprehensive modern architecture. There are beautiful nature parks, Hrušov and Říčanka, waiting literally “round the corner”, including Prague cycle tracks. Modern “shopaholics” will certainly be pleased with the vicinity of Europark, a large shopping centre, and Fashion Arena.

Malý háj phase XI is formed by one residential house. Sixty-two new flats in each building, from 1+kk to 4+kk (where “kk” means a kitchenette area), will be created at stage 7 of this residential project. All owners of a flat in this residential house will certainly be pleased with the possibility of enjoying a balcony, terrace or enclosed balcony every day. Families can enjoy modern and safe playgrounds. The problem-free accessibility of the centre of the capital will be ensured by municipal public transport, where a bus stop is a four-minute walk away and the Metro Line A – Depo Hostivař stop or a tramway line stop is not more than 10 minutes away. In the future the transport services of the Malý háj locality will be even better due to the planned tramway line that is now in the project preparation phase.

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