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  • A new workout playground in Britská čtvrti
A new workout playground in Britská čtvrti

A new workout playground in Britská čtvrti

One thousand square meters of a training outdoor playground for anyone who wants to exercise hard or just stretch his/her muscles. And in addition to that, there are a multi-purpose monkey bars for adults.

The famous outdoor Muscle Beach Gym on even most famous Venice Beach returns. Of course, there are no beaches, the sea, the sand and, most importantly, the famous Arnold. But even without him, everyone in the British Quarter can work great and enjoy a gym where your limit will be just the sky above you and your physical fitness. You can continually improve your fitness and a total of 8 new fitness machines (supplied by STREET BARBELL) will definitely help you with it.

Those who do not believe in “iron” can either use the CrossFit machines (supplied by COLMEX) or try sophisticated fitness climbing monkey bars supplied by the Czech company RVL 13 at the outdoor playground.

Our new outdoor fitness playground is designed especially for the young, adults and seniors. Both for those for whom exercising is a life style and for many sports theorists who exercised last time within their compulsory gym classes at school. There are also manuals with graphical presentations available with each of the machines. They include the instructions to how and what to train so that the sportsmen and sportswomen do not hurt themselves when exercising or using the machines.  

The area also includes benches for relaxation, as well as a relaxation area of 58 m2, which is covered by an outdoor tarpaulin. Bicycle stands, outdoor bins or information boards go without saying.

The large modern workout playground is our next project creating a comfortable living space in the British Quarter residential project. This new playground is a new stage of playground development and builds on a large children’s playground that has been opened in the summer of 2016.

Basic information about the British Quarter's workout playground:

  • An area of almost 1,000 m2.
  • Total of three areas: Workout fitness gym full of iron and 8 outdoor machines, cross fit area and multifunctional outdoor monkey bars.
  • A relaxation area under a cloth roofing.  
  • A playground for the young, adults and active seniors.
  • The project includes benches, bicycle stands, outdoor bins and a little podium.
  • The outdoor playground is set in a greenery and park landscape and is interconnected with the central park of the locality, which includes a previously built playground for children.

26. 9. 2018