Navštívili jsme: Park Café 67

We visited: Park Café 67

15. 9. 2020

Park café 67 – cake shop with family tradition is located not only in Písek in South Bohemia, but also in Barrandov ¬– not far from your homes! It is a pleasant place to sit over a cup of coffee and a homemade dessert or an ideal place to go for an ice cream. Everything in Park café is homemade, including their signature ice cream! Desserts look beautiful at first glance, and they also taste delicious. The Park café 67 also offers a possibility to order whole cakes, so you can make someone a surprise by ordering one of their beautiful cakes!

Written by  Kateřina a Tereza, founders of the project @kamvpraze (where to go in Prague) who want to inspire other foodies.

Which way to the Café?


Quick info

- 15 minute walk from Kaskády Barrandov
- Cakeshop with a family tradition
- Amazing icecream, wide selection of desserts, cake order possibility




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