Navštívili jsme: Bistro Na Pokec

We visited: Bistro Na Pokec

3. 11. 2020

Newly opened bistro Na pokec is a cosy place in the heart of Karlín. They have a great daily offer, homemade lemonades, coffee, wine, beer or drinks. They also serve breakfast (until 11 o’clock, so you can oversleep a bit) and bigger as well as smaller dishes and some sweet desserts. You can find meat, vegetarian and also vegan dishes in the menu. We personally recommend trying their hummus with sundried tomatoes & pita bread and superb homemade lemonades! We tried blueberry, lime and lemon and they were perfect. Interior of this bistro is modern, spacious and full of plants. Fun fact about this bistro is a huge blackboard, where you can vote for your favourite dish from the menu!

Written by  Kateřina a Tereza, founders of the project @kamvpraze (where to go in Prague) who want to inspire other foodies.

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Quick info

- 15 min walk from Residence U Sluncové
- breakfast till 11 o’clock, daily menu, wine and beer
- modern interior, blackboard where you can vote for your favourite dish



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