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"Oresi will give you more"! We are now offering a unique range of discounts and bonuses to make sure you get the best kitchen for you in every price and user class.

Our kitchens

The kitchens in our gallery are there to inspire you.

Our range contains three brands of kitchens of all price categories and designs from small to starter apartments to luxury for demanding clients. You can choose from the Dolti brand, the design extension Dolti Collection and the German brands Livanza and Bauformat.

However, if you are considering buying a kitchen, we recommend visiting our showroom, where you can actually see the materials. You can see nine sample kitchen units and there will be three kitchen studio specialist on hand who will happily advise you on choosing the right kitchen; introduce interesting functions and current fashion trends.

Special discounts up to 45 % on all Oresi kitchens

Medium-range Dolti kitchens as well as premium Livanza kitchens and luxurious Bauformat kitchens with a unique combination of discounts of up to 45% are the most advantageous ever. In addition, enjoy an extended seven-year warranty, additional discounts and benefits on our complete range of leading brands and other accessories. Contact us or visit our showroom for your quote.

Don’t delay, now a standard metre of kitchen is available from 5 396 CZK (including VAT).

Smart Dolti kitchens now with up to 45 % discount

Dolti Smart Kitchens are in the middle of the Oresi portfolio.

In our concept, they offer a selection of attractive designs, an extremely variable range of modules and space solutions, extensive accessories for high user comfort. All this at a very reasonable price. In terms of performance and price, Dolti kitchens are a true champion in their class.

Visit our shop and see for yourself the advantages of our offer. Your Oresi dealer will create a 3D design for you, free of charge.

The Oresi campaign will bring more pleasure for everyone.

New era Dolti Collection kitchens are absolutely new

The offer of th Dolti Collection kitchens at bargain introductory prices with up to 45 % off.

When creation them, Oresi teamed up with Italian designer Andrea Capovilla and together they bring kitchens with the most fashionable and attractive contemporary designs. These quality kitchens are made of the finest Italian, French, German and Austrian materials, and include technical innovations such as antibacterial surfaces, deep glosses, currently highly sought-after mats with fingerprint treatment, embossed wooden surfaces and advanced German Hettich fittings.

Visit our showroom and see for yourself the advantages of our offer. Your Oresi dealer will create a 3D design for you, free of charge.

The Oresi campaign will bring more pleasure for everyone.

New premium class dimension

Livanza German kitchens from Oresi now at special prices.

Design and comfort

Created by leading designers, Livanza kitchens excel with a huge selection of decors, colours and different finishes all in the latest trends. At the same time they have an infinite variety of arrangements and equipment. Have your Livanza kitchen designed so that you actually enjoy working in it.

Quality made in Germany

Livanza kitchens are part of Oresi's own brand portfolio. We produce these kitchens individually, tailored to your needs and requirements in an ultra-modern German factory.

Livanza is the most advatageous because it is from Oresi

Livanza kitchens deliver the best mid-range price performance ratio on the market. And as always with Oresi you will be delighted with our wide range of bonuses.

Luxury German Bauformat kitchens

Now at special prices with up to 45 % reductions.

Intentionally unique

You have style and know your price. You do not like to limit yourself and that is why Bauformat German kitchens from a leading European manufacturer are here.
Thousands of variations of colours, tones, surfaces and forms allow you to create a world that authentically expresses your personality.

A generation of experience

The experience of producing millions of high-end kitchens is unmistakable in a number of technical and conceptual solutions. One hundred years of German perfection simply cannot be replaced.

class Champion

Wherever you look at a Bauformat kitchen, you'll always see only the latest in world design, up-to-date and futuristic technology, and the perfect uncompromising quality of workmanship. Along with the benefits of Oresi, it is a true champion in its class. With this kitchen you are not only the master of the house, you are also the master of your world.

Why get your kitchen from us?

Take advantage of our benefits when buying a kitchen.

  • Complete turnkey kitchens from design to implementation
  • Architectural studies available not only for the kitchen but the entire interior
  • FREE graphic design and consultation with our consultants
  • Individual professional approach
  • Installation available, including construction work, wiring, water distribution etc.

Where to find us?

Interior studio FINEP
Havlíčkova 1030/1, Prague 1
directly opposite Prague Masaryk railway station


Phone: 800 500 292


If you decide to reach us by car, we recommend using a car park at the Masaryk Train Station, an underground parking lot at the Palladium shopping centre, or an underground parking lot at the Marriot Hotel.

Who will take care of you?

Kitchen studio specialists

Ing. Lucie Ulrichová, MBA

Ing. Lucie Ulrichová, MBA

head of kitchen studio

Jakub Šebestík

Jakub Šebestík

kitchen studio specialist

Andrej Dlouhý

Andrej Dlouhý

kitchen studio specialist

Miroslav Kefurt

Miroslav Kefurt

kitchen studio specialist

Tomáš Tittl

Tomáš Tittl

kitchen studio specialist

Jan Trdla

Jan Trdla

kitchen studio specialist

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