• Cooperative flat 1001/A1 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 101,3 m2
    522 294 €
    Cooperative flat 1002/A1 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 106,6 m2
    537 497 €
    Cooperative flat 1003/A1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 41,1 m2
    Cooperative flat 1004/A1 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 102,7 m2
    515 833 €
    Cooperative flat 1005/A1 - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 114,7 m2
    Cooperative flat 1006/A1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 52,2 m2
    Cooperative flat 1001/A2 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 101,3 m2
    513 959 €
    Cooperative flat 1002/A2 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 106,6 m2
    547 133 €
    Cooperative flat 1003/A2 - On sale
    2+kitchenette 41,1 m2
    276 726 €
    Cooperative flat 1004/A2 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 102,7 m2
    524 340 €
    Cooperative flat 1005/A2 - On sale
    4+kitchenette 114,7 m2
    587 844 €
    Cooperative flat 1006/A2 - On sale
    2+kitchenette 52,2 m2
    304 330 €
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Cooperative flat 1004/A1

Flats Nad Krocínkou
Flats Nad Krocínkou III - cooperative
10th floor
13,5 m2
YesThe price of the garage parking place is not included in the total price of the apartment.
Storage room
YesThe price of the utility room is not included in the total price of the apartment.
102,7 m2
On sale
Price inc. VAT
515 833 €iThe listed prices do not include the garage parking space, the parking space outside of the garage and, as the case may be, a utility room and a cellar.

Funding opportunities

2 269 €iSubject to a membership deposit of 20 %Calculate the amount of your rent
By selling another property of yours
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Cooperative calculator

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Purchase price
Member’s contribution share
Membership deposit
103 167 €
Interest rate
5.61 % p.a.
Due date
35 Years
Rent from
2 269 €

Calculation is only indicative.

Informations about the houses

  • The third stage Nad Krocínkou is formed by two residential houses A1 and A2
  • Total number of new apartments is 154 with the layouts of 1+kitchenette (from 39,1 m2) to more spacious 4+kitchenette (up to 115,1 m2)
  • 142 garage spaces and 13 visitor spaces near the houses
  • Balcony, loggia or terrace for each apartment unit
  • Modern architecture
  • Special 3-year warranty
  • Barrier-free access
  • Energy efficiency class B
  • Floor plan
  • Example of standard equipment
  • Cooperative housing financing procedure
  • Architect: DAM.architekti studio Project designer: COPLAN projekt, s.r.o.

About locality

The newly emerging Nad Krocínkou project is located in Prague 9 near the Prosek metro station. Prosek of today combines everything a modern family will appreciate. It has a perfect and practical infrastructure and plenty of space for rest and leisure.

You especially appreciate the fast connection to the city centre and the outside of the city as well, the growing public greenery, and fine-tuned civic amenities. Of course there are shops, restaurants, schools of all levels, a fitness centre or even a clinic. However, there are also many conveniences nearby, such as a branch of the Municipal Library, an established second-hand bookstore or a self-service car wash.

The transport accessibility of Prosek is absolutely unrivalled. The line C of Prague metro is a 7-minute walk from your new place of living. Metro line B is only one bus stop away. Thanks to the connection to the Prague Ring road, you can reach the city centre in 15 minutes by car.


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