• Flat 501/N1 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 29,3 m2
    Flat 502/N1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 42,1 m2
    Flat 503/N1 - On sale
    1+kitchenette 36,7 m2
    229 917 €
    Flat 504/N1 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 42,3 m2
    Flat 505/N1 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 42,3 m2
    Flat 506/N1 - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 58,3 m2
    Flat 507/N1 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 24,5 m2
    Flat 508/N1 - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 95,9 m2
    Flat 509/N1 - Sold
    4+kitchenette, 94,4 m2
    Flat 510/N1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 46,9 m2
    Flat 511/N1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 45,6 m2
    Flat 512/N1 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 45,9 m2
    Flat 501/N2 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 29,3 m2
    Flat 502/N2 - On sale
    2+kitchenette 46,9 m2
    282 672 €
    Flat 503/N2 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 45,9 m2
    Flat 504/N2 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 46,2 m2
    Flat 505/N2 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 46,1 m2
    Flat 506/N2 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 46,1 m2
    Flat 507/N2 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 46,6 m2
    Flat 508/N2 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 47,6 m2
    Flat 509/N2 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 24,4 m2
    Flat 510/N2 - Sold
    3+kitchenette, 59,3 m2
    Flat 511/N2 - Sold
    1+kitchenette, 46,7 m2
    Flat 512/N2 - Sold
    2+kitchenette, 42,2 m2
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Flat 502/N2

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  • Reduced VATThis flat is now subject to lower VAT. Click for more information.
Flats Britská čtvrť
5th floor
4,6 m2
YesThe price of the garage parking place is not included in the total price of the apartment.
46,9 m2
On sale, tentative reserved
Price inc. VAT
282 672 €iThe price of the apartment unit is valid subject to the employment of a 90/10 payment schedule. Should a different manner of payment be employed, the price shall be agreed with the client individually. The listed prices do not include the garage parking space, or storage room or cellar.

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This flat is now subject to lower VAT

The government's consolidation package reduced VAT on housing from 15 to 12% from 2024. This reduction is already reflected in the price of this apartment. We are constantly striving to offer affordable housing, which is why we welcome this move by the government.

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Item price
Own capital
56 534 €
Fixation period
5 Years
Time of repayment
Interest rate from
4.79 % p.a.
Installment from
1 185 €

This calculation is only indicative and applies for own resources amounting to 20 % or 80% LTV. For an exact calculation based on individual requirements and parameters contact our financial specialists. The calculation has been drawn up based on a real estate price determined according to the schedule of payments 90/10.

About project

  • Britská čtvrť stage XV is formed by two residential houses
  • 140 apartments from 1+kitchenette (24 m2) to 4+kitchenette (96 m2)
  • Special 3-year warranty
  • Barrier-free access
  • 102 parking parcels in undergound garages
  • Excellent accessibility to public transport (1-minute walk to Metro station) and connection to Prague's access roads
  • Energy efficiency class B– relates to all apartments in this phase
  • Floor plan
  • Example of standard equipment
  • Flat purchase procedure and its financing
  • Architect: AHK architekti, s.r.o., Project designer: Building PROJECTS, a.s

About location

Britská čtvrť is a residential project emerging within the new municipal district of Západní město in Prague 5 – Stodůlky. The twelve stage of this project offers 100 new apartments.

Wide range of continuously developing services in the immediate neighborhood is a great part of the project. The site already includes Billa, the Kolkovna restaurantSushi bar, the DM drug store or a branch and ATM of Komerční Banka. It is located only 5-minute walk away from the Avion shopping centre with such shops as Tesco, IKEA, Jysk, Direct sport, Takko Fashion, Datart, and others. It only takes 5 minutes by car to get to the Globus hypermarket, Makro hypermarket and petrol station, Baumax, Asko, Billa, or the Metropole Zličín shopping centre with a wide range of services, including cinema or the Albert supermarket.


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