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About locality

The Štěrboholy family houses project is located between the older buildings of Štěrboholy and a quiet place of Dolní Měcholupy.

The row family houses form a continuation of the Malý Háj residential houses project (more information) and will gradually blend into the family houses of old Štěrboholy from the opposite side through the newly prepared park with relaxation zones.

The surrounding area offers a wide range of relaxation places for leisure activities. Sports lovers will undoubtedly appreciate a brand new sports complex dominated by a multi-purpose sports hall. It also features a third generation artificial grass pitch and two clay tennis courts. Cyclists will use the new bike path and inline track and golf lovers can use the Golf Hostivař, which is 10-minute drive away. Thanks to the beautiful countryside in the immediate vicinity you are offered a wide range of sports and leisure time activities, such as jogging, cycling, or inline skating, fishing or walking in the close natural park in Hrušov.

Café Malý Háj and Studio Fly, a hairdresser and barber salon and others are located directly within the newly built stages of the residential project. An urban traffic bus stop is situated a few meters from Malý Háj.

A big advantage is the close proximity of the newly opened Retail Park Štěrboholy, where you can find, for example, Lidl and Iceland food shops, Sportisimo sporting goods store, Rossmann drugstore, a pet shop and many others. The nearby Europark Štěrboholy shopping centre offers another range of shops. Štěrboholy and Dolní Měcholupy provide a kindergarten and elementary school.

Acquiring your own family house, you will always get life security. Moreover, the new family houses from FINEP are always situated in a top locality in which your family house will surely appreciate over time. As a result, buying a new family house will safely secure you for old age. Play it safe and save up for your retirement.

We also offer a wide range of layouts. Our 5+kitchenette family houses are always cleverly designed with an emphasis put on practical living. Already in the course of preparation of the 5+kitchenette layout, we think of high comfort of living, and therefore we plan ahead for space for kitchenette or built-in wardrobes.

All fans of beautiful nature will love Štěrboholy. The FINEP’s Malý Háj residential project is located on the border of Štěrboholy and Dolní Měcholupy. As a result, it can benefit from the services available in both of these neighbourhoods, which still retain their village character. At the same time, its inhabitants can use high-quality transport accessibility right to the centre of Prague. If you are interested in Prague 10 – Štěrboholy, take a look at our offer of apartments. We believe that you can choose the housing of your dreams and Štěrboholy will become your home. 

The life at Malý háj

Rozsvěcení vánočního stromku

Lighting up the Christmas tree or Advent at Finep

Another great neighbours’ meeting in Malý Háj on the occasion of lighting up the Christmas tree is behind us. Let’s reminisce the event accompanied by a children's choir, mulled wine, and gifts for children.

Svatomartinská vína

Tasting of St. Martin's wines with neighbours

The cornerstone of the tradition of neighbours’ meetings was laid just here. At the occasion of the tasting of St. Martin's wines which took place on 18 November in Malý Háj. And how did it go?

Christmas tree lighting ceremony, or Advent at Finep

Advent is a beautiful time connected with upcoming Christmas and our Czech Christ child. He is awaited both by children and adults who have not forgotten how beautiful it was when they were young and looking forward to the moment when the bell rang to let them know that Jesus was there.

The Advent is also associated with a beautiful Christmas tree and in many Czech cities and towns also traditional Advent markets radiating the right Christmas atmosphere. We in Finep like Christmas vacations very much and we thought we would transfer our joy to our residential locations, where we build new homes for our clients according to our motto “Live where you like it”.

We decided to plant Christmas tree – beautiful fir tree – in Malý Háj in Štěrboholy. We believe that it will grow healthfully in this locality and will make the lives of the inhabitants there more pleasant for the whole year. And in the pre-Christmas time it will turn into beautiful Christmas tree that will light up Advent and the holiday season every year.

We invited all residents as well as visitors to our residential area in Malý Háj for the Advent opening. There was a lot of refreshments – snacks, mulled wine, punch and cocoa around the tree. First carols were sing with a children's choir. The little ones got small sweet presents.


The celebration of St. Martin's wines

All wine lovers are always looking forward to the first half of November. Finally, the beautiful moment of opening bottles with young wine comes on the feast day of Saint Martin and we all have the opportunity to enjoy the lightness and sparkle of fresh wines. These wines are characterized by a delicate fruity taste and aroma such as peaches, oranges, plums, or sour cherries.

We wanted to come up again with something new and interesting, which would please (but also pleasantly surprise) both the inhabitants and the visitors of our locality Malý háj. At the same time, we have also expanded our regular “neighbourhood events” which we like to do for the residents of the “made by Finep” residential areas.

And because we celebrate St. Martin (who comes to us on his white horse, unfortunately very rarely recently), a holiday of young wines, we prepared tasting this year’s St. Martin’s wines.
In addition to St. Martin's wines, we also offered mulled wine and cocoa. Our offer also included free pancakes, which perfectly supplemented the whole event.

We were very pleased that you arrived to Malý háj and clinked glasses with us to celebrate the enjoyment of life, wines, and the upcoming Advent.



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