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We handle laundry at LAVOR

We handle laundry at LAVOR

No need to worry; our apartments are equipped with washing machines. However, we strive to support as many useful services as possible to simplify life for everyone in our localities.

The term "LAVOR" in Czech refers to an old-fashioned washing prop. In contrast, our LAVOR represents a network of self-service laundromats located in Britská čtvrť, Barrandov, Pergamenka, Harfa, and Prosek.

Self-service laundromats no longer serve only those who are on the go or cannot do their laundry for some other reasons. Our large professional washing machines and dryers can handle items that won't fit in a home washing machine or require more capacity. They are suitable for washing bulky items like bedding, duvets, or curtains. We are pleased that such a service contributes to the overall well-being of people in our quarters.

Discover the current locations of LAVOR laundries here: https://pradelny-lavor.cz/cs/branches

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27. 2. 2024