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Your neighbourhood and the backdrop to your daily lives is important to us. We want you and your family, friends and neighbours to feel as at home here as possible so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Our magazine is full of information about life in Britská čtvrť – you can find out what plans are in the making, read accounts from past events or reviews of the local business we have visited.


Past events

Recall all the fun you had at past events.

Places we've visited

We give you an overview of places where you can enjoy a tasty lunch, go out for a nice dinner or perhaps just grab your favourite coffee, snack, or maybe something stronger.
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We visited: RestaurantYou & Me

21. 11. 2020 You & Me

  • Hloubětín
  • Vysočany

The Asian restaurant You & Me offers a wide range of Asian dishes - from Thai spicy soups, pad thai and curry to Vietnamese bun bo nam bo, summer rolls, pho bo or Japanese sushi.

We visited: Ala coffee

15. 11. 2020 Ala coffee

  • Hloubětín
  • Prague 9
  • Vysočany

Ala coffee isn’t only a café, but mainly a family coffee roastery and a shop with coffee and other things, such as chocolate.

Workout: Outdoor workout area in Britská čtvrť

14. 11. 2020 Venkovní workout posilovna Britská čtvrť

  • Britská čtvrť
  • Prague 5
  • Stodůlky

My expectations from workout fields, in general, have never been too high. I am used to having the comfort of many types of machines, constructions, treadmills and mats from indoor gyms. Which the vast majority of outdoor gyms I visit don't offer.

We visited: Bistro Na Pokec

3. 11. 2020 Bistro Na Pokec

  • Karlín

Newly opened bistro Na pokec is a cosy place in the heart of Karlín. They have a great daily offer, homemade lemonades, coffee, wine, beer or drinks.

We visited: Pizzerie Kaskáda

29. 10. 2020 Pizzerie Kaskáda

  • Barrandov
  • Prague 5

One of the places you can visit is the Kaskáda pizzeria. It is a family business offering a wide selection of pasta, various types of Italian pizzas, risotto and meat dishes.

We visited: Pizza Coloseum Luka

23. 10. 2020 Pizza Coloseum Luka

  • Britská čtvrť

Pizzeria Coloseum is known throughout the whole Prague - one of the branches of this famous pizzeria can also be found near your homes in the Britská čtvrť! It's a nice 15-minute walk to this pizzeria.

We visited: Phil’s corner

18. 10. 2020 Phil's Corner

  • Prague 7

Are you wondering where should you go to get a delicious breakfast for an affordable price? Then we definitely recommend stopping by Phil’s Corner, a café located right at the U Průhonu tram stop.

We visited: Restaurace Kolkovna Argentinská

15. 10. 2020 Kolkovna Argentinská

  • Flats Residence Pergamenka
  • Prague 7

Are you looking for a decent restaurant where you can get both – traditional Czech cuisine as well as tasty pasta or salad? Then you should try the restaurant chain Kolkovna! One branch is located in Holešovice so it is pretty close to your home.

We visited: EMA espresso bar

6. 10. 2020 EMA Espresso Bar

  • Karlín
  • Prague 8

Ema is surely one of the best cafés you can find in Prague, that being especially due to its delicious speciality coffee. The most popular branch of this coffee chain is surely the one located in Florenc, right next to the Masaryk‘s railway station.

We visited: PEPŘ a SŮL

2. 10. 2020 Restaurace Pepř a Sůl

  • Prague 9

Prague 9 (Vysocany) is full of amazing restaurants. Nevertheless, the one we liked the most so far is surely Pepr & sul restaurant, located in a very cosy courtyard right in front of the local municipality.

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