Neighborhood Gathering in the Malý háj

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  • Pořádá FINEP
  • Byty Malý háj

Aloha, Neighbors and Friends!

We cordially invite you to "Hawaii in the Malý háj." Right in your neighborhood, FINEP has organized another popular Neighborhood Gathering, this time with a tropical Hawaiian theme. Come and enjoy an afternoon full of fun, sunshine, and authentic Hawaiian ambiance!


What to Expect:

Hawaiian Theme
Stylish elements and music will transport you from the hustle and bustle of the city straight to the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Don't hesitate to let loose and come dressed in Hawaiian attire; the photographer in the prepared photo booth will certainly appreciate it! You might even join us for a dance and get moving.

Attractions, Balloons, Gifts, and Competitions for Children
A variety of activities will entertain both you and our youngest guests. Children will receive a small gift and can participate in games, competitions, and creative workshops. We look forward to seeing joyful faces and hearing children's laughter.

Sports activities and exhibitions
Exhibitions and instructional tips by Tea Kováč will be prepared for you on the trail track, so feel free to bring your mountain bike. Together, we'll experience running with Finep and test out Salming running shoes.

Subsidized Refreshments
Our chefs will prepare delicious refreshments at subsidized prices. There will also be refreshing fruit cocktails inspired by Hawaiian cuisine! Come taste and soak in the exotic atmosphere.


on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

at the outdoor gym and pump track