Ride the wave of style and design a bathroom of your dreams.
Take a look at our offer of sanitary equipment and tiles from the best brands on the market.


The bathroom is not just about correctly selected tiles. In order to feel good in your new bathroom, you also need to choose the right pieces of sanitary equipment. You can find fine products from proven suppliers in our offer.


Water taps in your bathroom are not just a design element, but they are primarily a functional product with many components that are affected by external influences. Although the water should be clean and of the correct hardness, this is not always the case. We want taps to last as long as the other materials used. That is why we choose products with an extended warranty from quality branded German manufacturers, because Germans simply know how to manufacture batteries.


The tiles produced by the Czech company RAKO in the two following series offer a timeless design and quality. The RAKO Block series imitates granite and, thanks to its surface diversity and high surface resistance, it has unlimited possibilities for use both indoors and outdoors. The RAKO Spin XL series will captivate you with its impressive colour range, which can be elegantly combined with each other and RAKO Extra perfectly imitates a concrete skim coat.


Match your door to your style. We have prepared a sample of decors for you, 
which you will be able to combine perfectly with the rest of your interior.


Modern appearance, elegance and natural materials will satisfy even the most demanding customers. These doors are the best complements for modern and lightly furnished interiors. You can choose from six decors that will adorn each of your rooms.


Never in history have there been more options when choosing a floor. And so it is with us. With your subsidy of CZK 1 000/m2, you can choose from an inexhaustible offer of vinyl, wooden and laminate floors, including carpets. We have prepared for you at least a small illustration of what you will find in our interior studio.


They are increasingly popular due to their inimitable appearance and unique properties. Few floor coverings can give the interior as much beauty and cosiness as a wood. Wood is a natural material, it is a good thermal insulator, it can be easily processed, renovated and, if properly maintained, will please you with its long life. Wooden floors are suitable for all interiors and have long been among the most sought-after types of floor coverings.


Laminate floors have been very popular recently. The combination of low purchase price, beautiful appearance and decent durability is especially attractive for customers. The surface of a laminate floor is hard and resistant to abrasion and scratches. It can make a splendour atmosphere in an interior for 10 or even 30 years, depending on the quality of the selected type. They are no more labelled as poor quality floors. Laminate floors can boldly compete with the highest quality floor coverings thanks to modern technologies and their decent design.


Vinyl is a very durable floor covering, which can even withstand heavy loads and will amaze many customers with its offer of patterns and decors. The ideal place for a vinyl floor is a living room, bedroom, hallway and/or children's room. Thanks to its waterproof surface, you can easily place vinyl floors in kitchens or bathrooms.


The great advantage of carpets is their easy and very fast installation. It is a floor covering that is pleasant to the touch. Walking on a fine carpet is reminiscent of walking on a moss. Probably no other floor covering offers such comfort. Carpets also have excellent insulating properties. They can significantly reduce noise and retain up to 25% of heat in the interior.

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