FINEP podporuje české umělce

Česká společnost FINEP je dlouhodobým partnerem a podporovatelem českých umělců. Díla Lukáše Raise jsou součástí exteriérů nově vytvářených rezidenčních projektů, stejně tak i interiérů v Lannově paláci (sídla společnosti FINEP) nebo nově i v projektu Nad Přehradou v Praze Hostivaři.

FINEP a umění Lukáše Raise


FINEP is a partner of the Sculpture Line festival

We supported the first year of the original sculpting festival SCULPTURE LINE which changes both the familiar and unusual places in Prague. The festival aims to present sculptures and art objects made by the leading local and international artists in the open air, right in the streets of the capital of Prague. The exhibition intends not only to embellish and enrich the public space, but also to offer a new view of the city and of the artworks themselves both to the residents and visitors of the capital.

FINEP supports youth football in Prague

As a part of our sponsorship support in the recent years, FINEP has provided 56 teams from 1st to 3rd class of the Prague championship in age groups from mite teams up to adolescents with sets of LEGEA jerseys. In 2017, we will support other 11 teams.

Our partner – the jerseys supplying company Belsport - is offering all customers a 20% discount from retail prices on all its goods offered - more info at

FINEP supported swimming competitions

The Motorlet autumn prix and the Prague Grand Prix were held during 11 - 12 October 2015. FINEP provided prizes for each winner of individual swimming competitions.