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Modern art in our residential projects

Modern art in our residential projects


We do not provide our clients only with high-quality modern apartments along with playgrounds, parks, urban greenery or services and modern urban infrastructure of the 21st century. We also want to make everyone feel good and satisfied in our projects. And it does not matter whether it is a satisfied owner of an apartment or a visitor who comes to our residential projects for a visit.

We know that life does not only revolve around work and responsibilities, yet it is also about good relaxation or joy from small things that please each one of us. We believe that everyone wants to live their life at full blast and among other things, to feel the beauty which surrounds us. We are a Czech company and we are honoured to be partnering young Czech artists who convey us their perspective on the world through their art. These works of theirs always force us to stop, think and perceive their beauty.

We appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with the painter Marek Číhal in the Prosek Park project and we are proud that our residential projects Britská čtvrť and recently also Nad Přehradou in Prague Hostivař were or will be the places where we can introduce the industrial art of Lukáš Rais to our clients. His view on modern art as well as the material he uses for his production is very individual and unique. It is metal tubes through which Lukáš Rais presents his view on the contemporary artistic creation.

Lukáš Rais is so unique among young Czech artists that it was a great honour for us to shoot a short documentary about his work and his perception of modern art. We will be pleased if you enjoy his art as much as our company does.

We are a proud Czech company and we are honoured to be a long-term partner and supporter of Czech artists. We are pleased that the work of Lukáš Rais was, has been or will be a part of our residential projects´ exteriors as well as of the Lanna Palace ´s interiors. New installation of Lukáš Rais´s works is soon to be placed in the Nad Přehradou project in Prague Hostivař.