The company FINEP was established in 1995 and has ever since joined the key development players in Prague and Bratislava, and newly also in Mongolia. The quality of our work was repeatedly awarded by the absolute prize in the category of residential projects of the prestigious "Best of Realty" contest. See the company profile for more information.

We are fully aware of the commitment that is represented by purchase of a property. Therefore, we pay a strong attention to the quality of all our projects, and we do our best to meet our liabilities and to be a reliable partner to our clients even after the completion and acceptance of the apartment. During twenty years of our existence, we have sold over 10 000 apartments in twenty locations and successfully completed more than forty projects.

Accept the invitation to our gallery of completed projects:

Malý háj - current offer

The Malý háj residential project is situated in a pleasant location on the border of Štěrboholy and Dolní Měcholupy. It represents a combination of high-quality living for a reasonable price with a close vicinity to the nature and very good traffic accessibility. The first phases produced several hundreds of new apartments and dozens of family houses, but also sports grounds for both children and adults. Other apartments and houses are in preparation.

Britská čtvrť - current offer

Prague 5 - Stodůlky. The project is a gateway to the emerging area of Západní město, located near the Stodůlky Metro station. Five residential phases with several hundreds of new apartments have been built and others are under implementation. The family houses project is one of them. It is an extremely successful project, where the majority of apartments are sold out yet before the construction is completed.

Prosek Park - current offer

Prosek Park is situated in a desirable location of Prague 9 near the new C line Metro station Střížkov. Phase I was completed in 2006. Five additional phases were successfully completed since then. Prosek is also the first location where a cooperative housing was initiated in 2011. 70 cooperative apartments were built for the Habr Housing Association (Prosek Park II) with other 180 cooperative apartments built in Phase IV and Phase V. The location is popular especially for its great public facilities.

Nad Přehradou - current offer

The Hostivař Nad Přehradou residential project is situated in a peaceful location on the border of Horní Měcholupy and Hostivař nearby a forest park by the Hostivař dam. The location is perfect for all ages, families with kids, sports lovers and people looking for peace and calmness. Our new “Nad Přehradou” project in Hostivař benefits not only from the location´s attractiveness, but also from the top European quality and interesting layouts of the apartments.

Kaskády Barrandov - current offer

The Kaskády Barrandov project was built on the border of Barrandov in a close proximity of the Prokopské údolí. Phase I was completed in 2002. Other phases continuously followed up. The latest phases (IV and V) produced "nests" of houses that are freely permeable, yet simultaneously create semi private spaces with playgrounds, water features and relaxation areas.

Nová Harfa a Harfa Park - sold out

The project is located in the large development territory of Nové Vysočany in Prague 9. It is connected to the revitalized park Rokytka in its northern part. The former industrial neighborhood has turned in the past decade into a very attractive place for living, business and recreation. The first two phases of construction, completed in 2007 and 2008, produced thousands of new apartments. The subsequent phases produced another thousand of apartments. Individual buildings form compact blocks with new sports grounds and playgrounds, new shops and many new services.

Rezidence Císařka - sold out

The Císařka Residence is located on the border of Hřebenky, Motol and Strahov in Prague 5, directly below the Ladronka Park, in a quiet location outside the city traffic. In the spring of 2007, we have completed Phase I with new apartments. A part of Phase II which included 10 family houses was completed in the spring of 2008.

Na Hvězdárně - sold out

The Na Hvězdárně residential quarter is located in Velká Chuchle (Prague 5) and provides unique views of the Chuchelský grove and the Vltava river. There are residential and family houses for more demanding clients. Quiet green courtyards and playgrounds were built during the construction. The project was completed in 2010.

Bydlení Mazanka - sold out

The Bydlení Mazanka project in Prague 8 produced new apartments for demanding clients in 2005. The project is designed as a private housing development with a central entry point and a park in the courtyard, providing residents with a high level of privacy. It also includes reception, gym and sauna. The project gained the Best of Realty 2006 award.

Trojský vrch - sold out

The Trojský vrch residential project is located in Prague 8 above Trója and offers interesting views of Prague. In 2004, two phases of the project produced 695 new apartments.

Panorama Barrandov - sold out

This project is also located in Prague 5 in a close vicinity to the Prokopský Valley. It has an interesting ellipse-shaped architecture and other unusual features. It was completed in 2002. The companies FINEP and Akro Real, a.s. teamed up for its implementation.

Na Fialce - sold out

The companies FINEP and Akro Real, a.s. also implemented the site of terraced houses Na Fialce in Prague 6. In total, 33 terraced houses were built in this project.