For over 20 years, FINEP has been offering comfortable living in beautiful locations of Prague. Our apartments and houses are always built with emphasize on a quality of the building and the neighbourhood in which they are embedded. Our special three-year warranty proves that we stand by our quality. See clearly which projects are currently on offer in Prague.

NAD PŘEHRADOU, Praha 10 - Hostivař

Byty Nad Přehradou

Housing phases

BRITSKÁ ČTVRŤ, Prague 5 - Stodůlky

Apartments Britská čtvrť

Housing phases:

MALÝ HÁJ, Prague 10 - Štěrboholy

Malý háj

Housing phases:

PROSEK PARK, Prague 9 - Prosek

Prosek Park

Housing phases:

Why would you unnecessarily pay rent if you can rather invest in your own housing? A majority of people who look after an offer of development projects in Prague think this way. They should, however, be careful not to choose an apartment or a house of an insufficient quality.

Our development projects in Prague meet the following criteria:

  • We ourselves would not want to live in a satellite town, where the nearest grocery store is 30 minutes on foot away. Therefore, we make sure that there are kindergartens, nurseries, restaurants and shops nearby when constructing new development projects in Prague.
  • Good transport accessibility should be the foundation of any development project in Prague. That is why we always make sure there is bus, tram or subway station nearby.
  • If you discover that apartments in new development projects in Prague are sold suspiciously cheap, sit up. The developer probably saved a lot on the material. That will not happen with us, we pride ourselves on quality.
  • Our development projects in Prague include apartments of all categories. We can thus satisfy a single man looking for a 2+kitchenette apartment, as well as a family with kids looking for a 4+kitchenette apartment.